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Thread: Tech Help Threads to the Tech Help Forum!

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    Tech Help Threads to the Tech Help Forum!

    To prevent the forum being cluttered up with HELP BIOSHOCK DOESN'T WORK threads I think it is best to post them all in our Tech Help forum where they will (hopefully!) be answered more quickly.

    Here are some tips to speed things along:

    When posting your thread please give it a descriptive title. 'It doesn't work' and 'Help!' are not very good titles.

    Try to include the game name in the thread as we cover quite a lot of games here.

    Please include your system specs if you know them. We don't need a lot, mainly:

    CPU model
    RAM amount
    Graphics Card model
    Sound Card (if not onboard)
    Operating System

    Athlon X2 3800+
    2GB RAM
    Soundblaster X-Fi
    Windows Vista 32bit

    Once we get some common problems and solutions we shall write an FAQ to help people.


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    Also please please do a bit of vague scanning of titles (or even posts, if you're feeling ambitious) to see if there's an existing thread for your particular problem, or even if the problem you've got has been discussed and a satisfactory solution arrived at. Don't start a new thread if there's one already, at least on the first page.

    That'll make it so much easier for use to generate a FAQ, and it saves everyone the confusion and horror of Merged Threads.

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    After clean OS install and Bioshock install - still freezing

    And this is the stranges thing. When I bourght the game, I installed it and installed the vista32bit 162 nforce driver for my 8800 gtx card. Ingame the loadscreen freezes, while being almost black.
    Then I reinstalled the game without the 163.44 patch and everything worked.

    Now I have installed the game with and without the 162 patch and still, the loadscreen goes dark and freezes. The game is registered with the key, so I believe that explains why it won´t ask for it again? Need some help.

    My specs:

    core 2 duo 2,4mhz
    msi p6n sli platinum
    4 gb ddr2 dual channel
    geforce 8800gtx
    x-fi extreem audio

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    Did you even read the first post that says posts asking for tech help should be posted in the tech help forum?

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    hi 1st time here, sorry i got the game and can't get it to work right, so I tried to get answers.

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    Windows 7 problem

    HP pavilion dv7t laptop
    Windows 7 64 bit
    core i7 quad 1.6 GHz
    1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
    GB DDR3 memory
    500GB SATA drive
    integrated sound

    Installed original BS without incident. The game loads, saves okay.
    My problem is after a short time (@3-5 minutes) the graphics become jumpy and slow in response to the mouse. Makes game play impossible.
    Tried running in XP compatibility mode without success.
    Am running as administrator.

    Same game runs fine on Windows XP sp3

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    I think this means you should post your question in the tech help forum, NOT HERE or in any other thread. Let me help you read:
    go there, search for an answer and if you can't find any, open a new thread.

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