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Thread: Forum behaviour

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    Forum behaviour

    I hate to have to post this but unfortunately there are far too many threads in this particular forum that are degenerating into personal attacks, insults and diatribes against forum members. This has led to many reported posts both through the abuse interface and through PMs to the mod team.

    Just to be clear - being able to express feelings about the upcoming Thief game is encouraged whether positive or negative, we do not want to restrict anyone's ability to complain about Garrett's new line of mascara (available via pre-order from selective retailers) or for people to feel they can't point out how it was already part of the game canon as shown in frame 12 of cutscene 4 of the original game. Discussion is what makes this a lively forum but posts which attack members personally, question their right to post or are simply insulting will not be tolerated.

    Effective immediately, moderators have the right to remove the posting privilege from this forum for members who persist in derailing threads for their own agenda. If those members take the fight elsewhere publicly on this forum then stronger penalties will be imposed.

    We hope we will not be needed at all. There have been some extremely good discussions about the upcoming game - let's continue with those and not lose sight of the fact that we are all fans of the series.

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    I second the motion

    Just to add my $.02

    This is not the place for name-calling, obscenities or inter-personal fights. These things will NOT be tolerated. The moderators of this forum can and will remove offensive posts and problem users will be banned, period.

    So PLAY NICE (or else).


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