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Thread: ddfix 1.5.13 Supports Flight Unlimited 3

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    ddfix 1.5.13 Supports Flight Unlimited 3

    I was merely supposed to quickly check a couple of things, and now, several weeks later, here we are.

    ddfix 1.5.13 binary package / source package
    • Flight Unlimited 3 support.
      • Support for arbitrary resolutions (up to 2048x2048, 1024x768 is the smallest that works).
      • Overlay flickering fixed.
      • Pointer trailing removed.
      • Clean overlay transparency edges.
      • New sun texture.
      • New lens flare implementation and textures.
      • Aeroplane shadow partially fixed.
      • Fixed post processing and set reasonable defaults specifically for FU3.
      • Fixed stars.
      • Installation instructions:
      1. Extract the package into the FU3 installation directory.
      2. Since FU3 doesn't have it, create a file named "cam.cfg" with this content (substitute whatever resolution you like):
        game_screen_size 1920 1080
      3. If you want, you can enable post processing by editing ddfix.ini and setting
      4. Either replace the game exe with a prepatched exe or patch your current game exe by opening it with a hex editor and replacing the first and only the first occurence of the ascii string "ddraw.dll" with "ddfix.dll".
      5. Start the game.
      6. If you get to the menu (fingers crossed), set the resolution to 1024x768 in the graphics options, unless already set.
      7. Start the engine, release the brakes, you know the rest.
    • Fixed normal (non-dynamic) gamma control.

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    That's fantastic! Thank you jermi!

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    The main menu of Flight Unlimited 3 appears at a lower resolution after applying ddfix 1.5.13.

    Kindly help resolve this.

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    That's not possible, the menu screen resolution is hard coded at 640x480. It may look different with ddfix due to scaling and/or interpolation. Can you post a screenshot that would show the problem?

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    Hi Jermi,

    The screenshot of the menu with DDfix is the file "Menu w ddfix.bmp" at:

    I'm using FRAPS and unforunately it is not taking a screenshot of the menu without DDfix (oddly, instead it takes a screenshot of the desktop when I exit the game). Thus, I'm unable to provide a comparison shot of what the menu should look like, but it is definitely much smoother than what is in the above screenshot.


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    I see. That pixelation is caused by lack of interpolation.

    Are you on 64-bit Windows 7?

    Have you modified ddfix.ini?

    What's your graphics card?

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    1) I'm using Windows Vista 32-bit SP2
    2) I haven not modified ddfix.ini.
    3) Graphics card is Asus GTX670-DCMOC-2GD5.

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    That first one is likely to be a problem. Unfortunately this really only works with 64-bit Windows 7.

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    Anyone else with Windows Vista suffering this?

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