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Thread: Flight Unlimited vs Microsoft Flight Simulator

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    Flight Unlimited vs Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Has anyone had a try of Microsoft Flight Simulator?

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    There are three versions of Flight Unlimited and around a dozen versions of MS Flight Simulator. Which fracking whats are you asking us to compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by milrivels View Post
    Has anyone had a try of Microsoft Flight Simulator?
    Wow, I was so pleased when I saw activity on this site today 👍 I had fun here a decade ago 😊.

    I am guessing you want a comparison to the newly released MS flight Sim. I haven't tried it but I expect it to be amazing.

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    It's a red letter day, with new TN:SFC and FU posts! :)

    There's been discussion of MSFS2020 in General Gaming:

    * Initially
    * And then

    It sure does look pretty!

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    I prefer Microsoft Flight Simulator
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    Can you tell me how to contact the developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator? I have a small game project and I really need a partner, a Node.js developer. Maybe they know someone? Please excuse me for posting not really relevant to the forum....

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    I suspect they do know someone but without wanting to sound harsh, if you're asking that question then you're not asking the right one. Finding out who develops Microsoft Flight Simulator and how to contact them in the days of search engines and social media is not something you post to a Flight Unlimited forum that has about one post per year. It takes a few minutes and you'll have more success than asking here.

    Even if someone could give you a direct contact, saying that you need someone who knows node.js for a game project is just going to waste their time. You'll be much better off working out what you actually need and if it's a programmer then learning the skills or finding and hiring someone that can do the job - for money or (if very, very lucky) shares your passion. Based on what you've said this isn't the best place for that either and I would really encourage you to start small and build up from there.

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    By the way, in terms of popularity I see Microsoft Flight Simulator is gaining more and more popularity!

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    And you're posting that revelation on a Flight Unlimited forum because why?

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    Because all these uppity Flight Unlimited fans need to be put in their place!

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    Bah, I'm not worried. I can't see its popularity matching that of Flight Unlimited anytime soon!

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    One thing is for sure: MS Flight Simulator has better graphics. (Yes, the latest version)

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