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Thread: When did Mantling/Climbing Become So Restricted?

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    When did Mantling/Climbing Become So Restricted?

    I remember the good ol days when one could take to the rooftops over Bafford's manor (assuming they were clever enough to find the way up), and then drop into the courtyard a mere few meters from the secret passage to the throne room. What the hell happened? New dark has restricted mantling to so few objects it's starting to feel like Thief 2014 up in here. Then we have HD mod not only updating graphical features but changing gameplay elements as well. I'm all for putting a shiny new coat on things and fixing actual bugs, but if you're going to start restricting opportunities for emergent gameplay, then we've got a problem here.

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    While I never knew about the particular instance you mentioned, I find that NewMantle is actually game breaking in many instances because of how much it lets you get away with. On my last playthrough of TG, I was able to easily get out of bounds on several levels, climbing on to the roof of the temple in Undercover, for example. I think it's easier to mantle now than it ever was in OldDark. Old mantling was more like heaving a wet sack of cement at a wall and hoping it stuck, IMO.

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    New Dark by itself shouldn't be restricting anything. It's more likely coming from one of the other patches like Tfix. You can always manually install New Dark without using the patches.

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