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Thread: Defamation of Character - T2 FM Teaser Trailer

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    Defamation of Character - T2 FM Teaser Trailer

    Aemanyl (who is under that name both here and at ShalebridgeCradle) made a pretty cool trailer for my upcoming T2 FM Defamation of Character. Thanks a lot!

    The level should be releasing quite soon. You can see the trailer here:

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    Thank you, I am looking forward to play it, love the mansion missions which may turn to something bigger and add different environments.

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    A new T2 FM - fabulous! Looking forward to playing

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    looks great ,can wait to dig into it

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    Thank you for sharing this with us Proliffia! It's a nice work Aemanyl

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    Thank you very much guys! As a beta tester and the author of this trailer, I can assure you that the mission is definitely worth playing :-). Stay tuned.

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    Very interesting, looking forward to playing it!!!!

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    The trailer looks great!

    I canīt wait to dig my teeth into this mission

    Edit: Oh, it is already available!
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