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Thread: "Let thine arrow fly" FindSecretTrap

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    "Let thine arrow fly" FindSecretTrap

    I'm looking at Shipping and Receiving in dromed, specifically the part where you shoot the "crystal eye" with an arrow and the painting swings open and reveals some loot. The way this is rigged up in dromed doesn't make sense to me: the only link on the relevant FindSecretTrap is coming from the gold plaque under the painting. Looking at the plaque, I don't see any special scripts or links on it that would explain where the signal originates. The "Found Secret!" message appears when the invisible button on the painting is shot, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the plaque at all. Something else - the "found secret" message appears in actual Thief 2, but not in dromed. Can someone explain what's going on here?

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    I don't have it open, but check if the painting (which obviously has door properties if it opens) has the Dark Gamesys > Stats > Hidden property set. If it does, that's what's actually triggering the secret and the FindSecretTrap is a red herring.

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    The elevator button (144) has a cd link to the FindSecretTrap (1800) after shooting an arrow at the button.
    You can see it, if you type
    set game_mode_backup 0
    in DromEd
    It's working because of the training script in Shipping and Receiving

    Complicated stuff
    miss1.osm/miss2.osm 2
    Displays in-game instructions in response to various actions and events. Tips are displayed with red text for 30 seconds, and lock-out other tips from being displayed. If a tip mentions a command, the key binding for the command is also displayed. The tips and commands are retrieved from the string files PlayHint.str, PlayAct.str, and PlayCmd.str. When a tip is displayed, the campaign quest variable named "tr_" then the tip name is set to "1"; a tip will not be displayed more than once. This script uses the tip names: UseDoorOpen, UseDoorClose, UseKeyTake, UseLootTake, UsePortable, SelectWaterArrow, PullArrow, ReleaseArrow, SelectBlackjack, PullBackArm, ReleaseArm, ReleaseArmClose, SelectKey, SelectNonTool, UseKeyUnlock, UseKeyLock, GoFindKey, UsePotionHeal, DropOrUseFlashbomb, DropFlashbomb, UseFlareLight, DropFlare, DropOrUseFlare, UsePickpocket. The message CheckMap will display a tip about the auto-map. VisGem will display a tip about the light meter. The script also listens for Popup, Prompt, Damage, QuestChange, and Container messages, and Timer messages with the names Prompt and Update. The meta-properties M1_TrackWorld, M1_TrackInv, and M1_TrackDoor are automatically added, where appropriate, to all objects. The quest variables WorldID, InvID, and WeapID are used to identify the objects that are currently focused or selected. The quest variables InvUI and WeapUI signify when the respective items are visible in the user interface. The tip GoFindKey is only displayed when the object in question is named JenivereDoor. The tips related to the blackjack are displayed when the player is in a room named CoshPromptRoom and there is an AI named CoshTarget. The voice-over schema gar0108 is played when entering the room. SelectWaterArrow is triggered by a room named TorchTrig and plays the voice-over schema gar0106.
    Also check the metaproperties M1_TrackWorld, M1_TrackInv.

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    "Set game_mode_backup 0"

    What exactly does that command do?

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    If you type 'set game_mode_backup 0' in dromed, it will cause dromed to preserve the game state when you switch out of game mode. Go in game mode, shoot the arrow at the button, back to DromEd and you'll see what happened. Never save after this.

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    Okay, thanks. I read your quote but I'm still a little confused. If you don't mind, could you explain what specifically is causing the training script to intervene in this case and what tipped you off that it was the training script that was doing it? Thanks again.

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    It's hard to test it. I've so many installations and the secret isn't working everywhere. I don't know why.
    So I tested it again in the first installation and also dropped miss2.osm for testing. It's still working, so it can't be any miss2 script. I was wrong. Sorry.
    btw, it's also working in DromEd.

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    I think you're overcomplicating things Unna. All that's needed is a CD link from the button to the FindSecretTrap (to be set up in Dromed).

    I don't know why that link doesn't exist in Dromed for miss2. The 'red herring' Yandros mentioned could be a leftover, i.e. the plaque was involved, then the mission designers changed the setup but forgot to remove the link.

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    It's like this
    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    The elevator button (144) has a cd link to the FindSecretTrap (1800) after shooting an arrow at the button.
    The FindSecretTrap gets it's signal from the button as intended. Can you explain why the cd link is showing up after shooting an arrow?

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    Found it. The culprit is the patched miss2 in "patchedmis" which was installed via Tafferpatcher. In the original miss2, the elevator button doesn't have a cd link to the FindSecretTrap. This also explains the different behaviour in Thief2/DromEd.exe.

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