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Thread: Gloomwood just came to my attention and it looks SUPER AMAZING!

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    Gloomwood just came to my attention and it looks SUPER AMAZING!

    This game looks brilliant. It's obviously Thief inspired but is also more of an immersive sim like System Shock (so don't cry foul at those clips showing the guns and stuff). It seems to be a single guy's labour of love for the most part but also that the developers of Dusk (awesome Quake-style retro campaign/DM FPS, check it out) are involved in some capacity. I honestly can't freaking wait, every tweet with another tiny clip showing off a new feature makes me even more excited and hyped for it. I really hope it can somehow stand up to the greats.
    Check the twitter/tube accounts involved n the posts above for more. Low fidelity graphics aside I get the feeling this guy knows what made the classics we all love great and is also doing a great job in recreating what's necessary while adding his own fresh twists and vibe on top.
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    It's looking great!

    AFAICS the only other mention at TTLG was a year ago.

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    Yeah, I figured a new thread with a more general title than a specific interview was in order. In recent tweets they've said it's coming "soon" too, whatever that means exactly

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    I'm very confident about Gloomwood since I looked his youtube's channel >
    And yes Dusk is awesome, as this one I hope that devs will give a toolkit mod at disposal to players who want create custom maps.

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    That certainly looks very interesting.

    I think I'd seen some of the earlier videos (the sound propagation one), but the progress since then looks very promising.

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    Saw this somewhat recent article on the game. Yeah, I'd say I'm interested:

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    There was a recent interview with the developer that I found very interesting. He even talks about his favourite Thief Fan Mission (and it's the same as mine!)

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    Here's the first extended gameplay footage. For some reason the timestamp won't embed, so just click forward to 1:12:37 to see the Gloomwood gameplay demo.

    It's pretty amazing how much it looks and feels like Dark Engine era Thief. Obviously, it's not exactly the same (there's a shotgun, afterall), but it's still the closest thing I've ever seen to a real Thief-like.

    I've been following Dillon's posts on Twitter for a while, and it just feels like he really gets it.

    That he is also working on Gloomwood with the Dusk developer and has the New Blood Interactive team supporting him also gives me hope. It all seems very promising to me, but I guess we'll see.

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