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Thread: No particles appear

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    No particles appear

    How to cause the particles effect via a button? I need to get the SawdustSplash effect, and I used the NVParticleGroup script on my object. But it does not work. I want to make this effect appear during the hits.

    What does BloodType property depend on? If I use a sword for my purpose, then the effect of blood appears. However when using new weapons this effect is absent.

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    Are you creating the SawdustSplash object in the mission? Its archetype has a DeleteState property set to 'On', with the Delete property setting the time to 400ms, so the object will delete itself. When using a sword, the splash is created in game.

    For a blood splash, the stimulus of the weapon needs the BloodCause property.
    edit: the effect also depends on the AI/object receiving genuine damage from the stim, so you cannot just be using it for a visual effect.
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    Thank you, I figured it out.

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