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Thread: Thief 2 Gold?

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    Thief 2 Gold?

    Can I edit unstripped Thief 2 missions to release it as a mod - Thief 2 Gold? For example, make round arches, add more details, fix texture scaling.
    This powerful game can look much better. HD Mod improvements is not enough. There are many empty rooms, bare walls, missing details such as door and window frames, sloppy texturing and much more.

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    More like total conversion, but yeah. Making e.g. flat 2k textures doesn't make sense here, as rooms will look more empty and sterile. At some point you need to start adding actual geometry, if you want to raise visual fidelity. If you could do that within engine constraints, that would be awesome.

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    I’m not the expert, but I’d imagine as long as you follow the same protocol as standard FMs (e.g., requires original games, you’re not making any money, you’re properly attributing all IP, etc...) this wouldn’t be any issue. It doesn’t seem qualitatively different from any other FM that uses original architecture, from a legal perspective.

    The only potential issue I see would be whether you can call it “thief 2 gold.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    More like total conversion
    Not even close. A total conversion is when you mod a game into something completely new. Calling it "Gold" would be wrong too, since Looking Glass used that to denote the addition of new missions. As everyone here should be aware, LGS had actually planned a Thief 2 Gold, but it never got beyond early development.

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    I agree about gold, it's just for example. But how then can you name the mod for the original game adding geometry and models? We have at least one similar mod, this is HD Mod - everything is clear here.
    According to this logic, my mod should be called as BSP Mod.

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    You could call it T2-The Upgraded Edition I think a facelift and tweaking for Thief 2 could be a great thing to play!

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