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Thread: The Guild Of Translators

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    Soldi added for EN -> RU.
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    Notesthes added (and a little reminder for all FM authors) ...

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    Stefan_Key added for English -> French

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    In addition to voice acting, I have translated several missions/texts etc. Though I am not fluent in any other language than English (unless you count sarcasm, profanity, etc.) I am the quintessential "Grammar Nazi" (mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling are NOT permitted), and have been the editor of books, manuals, web pages, reports... everything. (It's now part of what I do professionally).

    Many times, in the process of voice acting, I have deviated slightly from the written script when although the language is correct, it flows better when worded differently. "Correct" isn't always natural sounding, I suppose.

    Feel free to call on me to proofread your scripts/texts.

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    Apiai added for English -> French

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    We're looking for translators for our updated version of The Scarlet Cascabel. Apiai has agreed to do the French translation, though anyone else is welcome to help him. And we welcome interested translators for any and all other languages. Send me a PM or reply here if you are interested.

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    I'm currently working on a remastered version of Catacombs of Knoss. The original has French, German, Italian and Russian translations and I'm looking to get a handful of new readables translated for the new version. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

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    What about translators from poor English into good English?
    I'm working at new edition of "The Mirror", and all the text in the original are rather poor. If anyone can help, please PM me.

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    That's called proofreading and it's way faster and easier than translating IMO! Regardless you should get somone native in the language you're looking for, so not me

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