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Thread: Who is Kevel?

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    if he's just trolling, then he's doing a good job. I don't mind either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beltzer View Post
    Since you apparently don't have anything significant to add to this thread, that's just as well.
    While I'm still here and we're talking about politeness, could you please explain to me how this phrase is not rude? My English is quite basic so there may be some misunderstandings but I see this phrase of yours only as "fuck off" but just with more words. I really fail to see any other meaning in it. Will you help?

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    voodoo47: We'll never know, if downwinder isn't gonna say something about it.

    A.Stahl: You're funny I really tried to make it, polite. I actually edit what i first wrote. Sorry if i sounded mean. But i meant what i wrote. I do not think that you had anything significant to add.

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    Is any of this particularly "significant" for this thread, though?

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    Probably not.

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    Is that you Kevel.

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    No, go back to bed.

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    That's so awesome!

    The bow upgrade exists in one T2 FM.

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