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Thread: Possibly stuck in Thieves Guild

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    Possibly stuck in Thieves Guild

    How long does it take for the Gray Fox to contact you? I've sold about 1800 in loot to fences and he still hasn't. Or is there something special you have to do?

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    I was contacted while waiting in the Imperial City by Meredith - hang around her and see what happens.

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    At the end of the thieves guild you are still only required to have fenced for 1000gold worth... Thieving sure is lucrativ. (Altho i did manage to steal an item worth 3000 from a display case...)

    Anyway, if your told to wait for the gray fox to contact you, you'll just have to do that. Wait in a city, and at some point a Thieves guild member will find you, and give you the next quest.

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    Yeah I got it. Thanks.

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