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Thread: Murders without consequences

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    Murders without consequences

    So far I've found two people to murder (as a prerequisite for the Dark Brotherhood) that have no consequences -- neither morally (heh) nor plot-wise.

    The first is found during the course of the Thoronir (dodgy merchant) quest in the Market District. Near the end of this quest, sneak into the tomb in the Green Emperor Way and sneak attack the armoured guy -- at low level he'll die with a single arrow. He's going to attack you anyway so why not kill him first?

    The second one is amusing but late in the main quest. In the Forbiddin Grotto (in Paradise) is a character by the name of Eldamil. Kill him and he comes back to life!. How the the Dark Brotherhood notices this murder I've yet to determine.

    Edit: Bah. This should have gone in the "What civilian to murder" thread. I've copied this post there so can a mod delete this thread, please?
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