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Thread: Arena and Daggerfall

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    Arena and Daggerfall

    Well, I seem to have gotten Arena and Daggerfall successfully running with Dosbox with only one problem - I can't kill stuff! M2 doesn't do anything, even with my weapon equipped! Any ideas why this is happening? Is there some user error involved, or is it another glitch? Thanks.

    BTW, how big are these games really? I've heard everything ranging from 160,000 square miles to 4 million, lol. (either way, stupidly huge compared to Morrowind which already seemed big enough...)

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    Don't know exactly how the scale on Arena works (never played it), but the available area in Daggerfall is much bigger than Morrowind. Or course lots of it is random, or using the same models, therefore little to see between map locations. It does take a long time to cross on foot.

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    Equip and ready your weapon. Then hold the mouse button and move the mouse in different directions. Just clicking the mouse button doesn't do anything.

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    I remember it took me quite a while when I first got Daggerfall to get attacking straight too- dragging your mouse really is the secret.

    As for how huge is Daggerfall? Biggest game ever made. Theoretically. The dungeons are obscenely large, enough to spend 3-4 hours on many, but the enormous cities and the dungeons are not at all handcrafted, or attractive. It can be a hopelessly addicting game, or a rather boring one, depending on how you look at it.

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    I thought The Arena was the largest, supposedly it had a map larger then Great Britain, considering it had every single country in all of Tamriel...but, that's only what I have been told....

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    I've been told that Daggerfall is twice the size of great britain, but that Arena is even bigger (it was nine years in the making after all).

    So, in Daggerfall, I figures out how to attack but can't hit anything. It takes me 5 minutes to kill the rat at the beginning. Suggestions? Thanks for the other stuff, btw.

    I'm alright in Arena, though. I can kill goblins, but they kill me a lot.

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    You will hit things based on your skill with certain weapons. Make sure you have a weapon equipped that matches your main skill. Just like in Morrowind.

    For instance, say you have Short Blade as a main skill. You will hit more with a dagger than you will with a long sword or mace.

    Daggerfall was the size of Great Britain, apparently. Arena might be bigger, but from what I remember, you can't walk from one town to another on foot. (Have to fast travel), so I don't think there's any way to determine the size of Arena.

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