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Thread: Why no manual? Really frustrated!

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    Why no manual? Really frustrated!

    I finally bought this game, and I'm really disappointed with the lack of manual [either paper or disc]. It's not at all clear how to do the most basic things. I found out how to run by accident - I still don't know how to jump. I've been in a fight, my health is low, but I've no idea how to restore it. The 'tutorial' part at the beginning is minimal - how to walk and interact, and how to equip weapons is about as far as it goes. There's no info on key bindings.

    I've had a look for sites which give the most basic information but so far haven't been able to find any. Do you know of any? Or could anyone give me a clue how to restore health, etc.?

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    I just got the Game of the Year edition (in the UK), and that comes with a pretty comprehensive hardcopy manual (all skills, spells, races and birth stars are described, for example). I would be completely lost without it (as opposed to only somewhat lost when I started). As a starter, try going into the options, looking at the controls to see what key does what. Then try to find out why the manual was missing...

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    Thank you for your reply, Pixie. That's very strange. I've got the Game of the Year edition too - I bought it new, sealed. It has 4 discs [including the construction set, Tribunal and Bloodmoon] but no manual.

    Is there anywhere I can find this information online? I can't find it on the official site - or anywhere for that matter.
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    Some copies have the manual as a PDF file on the CD.

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    Press [ESC] and go to controls, that'll tell you which keys do what.

    It didn't take long (maybe a day) for me to figure it out, why are you having so much trouble?

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    Why am I having so much trouble? Well, I'm not now thanks to people here! I thought it best to ask rather than struggle on.

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    Strange you didn't get a manual, if you haven't figured it out already to restore health either rest in a bed (by activating it) or in the wilderness (by pressing t), or casting a heal spell on yourself or by drinking a restore health potion (done via your inventory).

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    Thank you, Pisces!

    There IS a manual on one of the CDs - I was looking for a pdf, but it's in a separate folder. It would be nice to have a slip of paper or a 'read me' file though, for a bit of guidance.

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