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Thread: Which expansion to get.

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    Which expansion to get.

    There are so many choises. I recently spotted Morrowind's collection edition (packaged with tribunal and bloodmoon) in a local store. Also, I recently saw the Oblivion expansion in another shop.

    I really liked the open world that Morrowind offered and the numerous options that the world had. However, there are three major dislikes I have about Morrowind. The main dislike I have is about the awful journal system, as I simply can't remember which quests are still active and which ones are completed after a week of not playing Morrowind. Second, I disliked the slow moving from place A to B (I prefer the fast travel of Oblivion). The third and last major complaint is the conversation system, as it gets filled with junk very quickly and some of the answers are a bit too extensive ("my trade" gives the life story of the AI for example).

    Do the expansions offer a cure to those problems? I have heard something about an improved journal or quest list.

    Then there is Knights of the Nine. Does it offer enough new gameplay to Oblivion to be worth the price? I don't know much about it, other than it offers the official expansions that have been sold on the web and a new faction.

    Then I have the joker option of buying a movie or maybe a new game altogether. Are the expansions worth the money or should I just look for something completely new (I spotted Empire Earth next to Morrowind and I have been a Civilization fan for a while)?

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    Personally I prefer Morrowind, but then two of the things you dislike about it I prefer over Oblivion. The exception to that is the journal, which is improved when you add either of the expansions. It isn't perfect, but does sort by quest and removes quests when completed (although as this is only recognised when a certain final entry is received a small number will still remain).

    To me Knights of the Nine doesn't appear that enticing. I do like Oblivion, but I want to see a lot more added.

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    Knights of the nine is retailing at $19.99 US (around $5 cheaper than buying them separately via download). I've already seen it on sale for $9.99. It adds an entire new guild but I haven't started that quest yet. Based on what I have heard that single mod is as in depth as any of the guilds in the game. The other mods are smaller but are very high quality.

    I can justify the price for the amount. Of course I wish it did include more content, but I don't feel cheated.

    My only complaint is that as soon as you install ANY of the purchasable mods, they update your journal with how to begin the quest. I preferred Morrowinds way of letting you find things out on your own. Oblivion makes me feel like exploring is a waste of time since the developers scream out at every turn when something is noteworthy. Still its fun, shortcomings aside.

    As cheap as all 3 expansions are, i would recommend getting all of them and playing each one as you feel like playing its parent.

    With Tribunal and Bloodmoon, the expansion are largely self contained (in a single locale) while with KOT9, it updates the existing world lightly.

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    You mean like the note I found in the middle of an imperial city prison cell offering free horsearmour?

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    That'd be the one (among others).

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    Can you imagine being a customer service rep for Bethdesa (or publisher) if they didn't, though?

    "I just bought this expansion pack and the game hasn't changed at all! I want my money back!"

    A few seconds later ...

    "Don't tell me how to play the game!"

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    In customer service you expect to get crap from people with stupid questions.

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