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Thread: Who Are You?

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    Registered: Dec 2001
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    Holy crap! When I started this thread I was 39, now I'm 55!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gloria Creep View Post
    It's so cool to read all of these new replies
    I'm with you there. The thread that keeps on giving

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    Hear Hear!

    Happy New Year Taffers

    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Happy new year.

    New taffers paradise site on the way .

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    Location: Louisiana
    Wow, lovely flashback My original post in this thread is from September 2002, 6 months after I'd discovered Thief, fallen in love, and registered here. I'm still very much the same person I was back then: see my first sentence from my original post here, "Well I'm more a lurker than a poster..." and I still am, and I'm still in love with Thief (discounting NuThief, but adding TDM under the Thief umbrella), only now I'm markedly older! Why does that have to happen? Someone make it stop!

    Before I slink back into the shadows and return to my quiet lurking, let me say this:
    I may be silent more often than not, and I may be MIA at times thanks to dastardly health issues, but I not only love Thief, I love this community. Thank you all for being the wonderful taffers you are. This shadow lurker appreciates you all, from the FM makers to the FM testers, from the taffing pros to the shiniest new taffers, from those who have nothing but questions to those that gladly give answers. You are all what keeps this wonderful game alive, and I love you for it.

    Happy New Year.

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    Registered: Dec 2007
    Location: Sweden
    I cannot believe that i haven't posted in this thread yet. Anyway, my name is Patrik and is a Swedish guy, 42 years old. I remember when i got my first Thief TDP game. I bought it on a gas station, it was on sale. I had not heard of it before, just bought it. This was probably in -98 or -99. I just loved it. Played it over and over. The "fun" thing is, that i never got in touch with FMs until i registered on this lovely forum. This was in December -07. Talk about a new world opening for me, MANY FMs to play. I remember my first FM i played, it was a Thief 1 FM called Storm, if i remember correct.
    First time i opened Dromed was 2010 or so. I just looked at it, in the menus and so. I thought, no way i'm smart enough to use this program. But my wife (ex-wife) convinced me to try again, she believed in me. So i did a first little mission with the help of Komags guide. Then i got caught. It gonna be a lot more FMs from me

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    Registered: Mar 2017
    Hi Taffers! I'm a 23-year-old guy from Poland. However, I live mentally in the Classical Antiquity, in the Middle Ages and in 1998 when Thief was released. :P

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    I'm Bert from Ohio, originally from the Philadelphia area, I'm 55, have 2 daughters, one of whom plays Thief as much as I still do (She-Thief on the forums), been married 28 years to my wife Lisa. Playing video games since the arcades of the '70s and early '80s.

    Bought the first Thief when it came out in the late '90s because it seemed different than Doom, Duke Nukem, etc. and I love solving riddles, puzzles, and enjoy games that make you think tactically and strategically. I have a degree in Comp Sci so I've always had gaming rigs that I built myself and love the PC games of the '90s and later. The SOUNDS in Thief are part of what really drew me in, along with the cool storylines and what's kept me drawn in has been the stellar FMs everyone has created all these years. I still get excited when new FMs are released.

    My fav missions include all the FMs by Christine and Lady Rowena.
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