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Thread: Reading: Amnesty International Report

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    Reading: Amnesty International Report


    Look up whatever country you're in and tell us what you think.


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    Six conscientious objectors in Finland -- who refused to carry out civilian service because of its punitive length -- were also considered prisoners of conscience.
    I am unspeakably proud. We´re listed among such fine examples as Belarus, Russia and Turkey. Wohoo.

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    Argh! William Jefferson Clinton is still the President of the United States! I knew this election was all a sham...

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    As usual, the international community is too intimidated to call Canada down to the dirt

    Hurrah for we!


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    The Idiot


    "AI was concerned by proposed new legislation, including the Terrorism Bill and the Freedom of Information Bill, which appeared to restrict further the rights to freedom of expression and association."

    You're not joking. The powers they now have are strangely worrying. If I give a speech (hah!), and there is a member of any government designated terrorist group in the audience, I can be banged up. Let's hope the terrorists don't have any spare time to attend local council meetings, games conventions, etc.

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