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Thread: Gillen you TART!

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    Gillen you TART!

    It's bad enough that you're insidiously taking over PCG, but now I turn to the back page of sister magazine (no, not "Mother Superior: Naked Nuns and Mischievous Monks" - I'm not in the 'habit' of reading that one) "SFX" and who's this learing at me from the page, purporting to be an ordinary Joe with a John Constantine fetish...?

    ]00! (& the other usual suspect - Rossignol)

    First it was fake guests on "Vanessa"; now it's publishers dressing up journo's as 'real people'

    Whatever next?

    Does Future Publishing have no shame?

    Seriously: Good choice - Hellblazer (the early ones anyway) ownz. Personally though, I would've gone for the ABC Warriors - they are all things to all ppl...

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    Guilty as charged.

    Actually, Jim and I were attending the con ourselves, trying to find out about this Comic thing (We're both writing scripts casually). We bumped into the SFX folk - having never actually spoke to them before - and ended up spending most of the day getting very drunk with them.

    So, by the close, they needed more people. We are people. We like comics. They asked us.

    And I was just feeling a bit like a guy who drinks and smokes too much, hence Constantine.


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    I did like the caption - "Jim Rossignol, bath".

    Good advice, I'd say...

    Always "Game for a LOL!"

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