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Thread: remembering Minnie & Chris

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    remembering Minnie & Chris

    On this date in 1979, Minnie Ripperton & her 5 octave vocal range left the bldg. She was 31.

    Four yrs later, Traffic' pied piper flute & sax man, Chris Wood, followed in her wake. He was 39.

    I miss them both. Goes to tape collection...

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    5 octaves?! that's amazing... I know of a couple of 4-octave singers (Happy Rhodes and Julia Fordham) and I thought their voices were incredible...

    I'm not sure this thread is on-topic in the Terra Nova forum, however :)

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    I did't know these people, but I was born I 1979, what leads me to the thoughts about the ways of life. Somebody must always die to make place for a new life.
    Sad, but perhaps natural.

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