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Thread: ArxPak

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    I have looked everywhere for it. Not even searches for "" turn up anything. The original site that hosted this file seems to be long dead, too. Any ideas about where else I can find this mystical thing?


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    Not offhand, sorry. Arkane might be willing to help. It couldn't hurt to ask, anyhow.

    What were you planning to do? (if you don't mind me asking.)

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    I want to extract all the textures and sounds from the game.

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    Registered: Jul 2006 is your friend:

    edit: seems like the file on is broken.
    I still have a working arxpack on my machine which I could email you.
    Just PM me.

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    There is also an that goes with it, and it also needs another DLL to run. All three files are together in

    Mostly works, but on my current machine (Core2) this will error out when trying to load one of the levels. Works fine on my old legacy rig (circa 2001).

    Edit: This is obviously still a popular search result for locating ArxPak, especially now that the source has been released. Note that there is another version of this utility at, with older versions of the app and DLLs, and includes unicows.dll. I've not used that version, so I cannot comment on how well it works (or for that matter, whether it's a safe link, but I've seen a few references to it and no complaints so far, for whatever that's worth).

    I'm not responsible for any version of ArxPak, I've just given it a place to live for several years. Considering it takes a third of my site's bandwidth, I'd say it's still a quite popular tool.
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    Huh, so you can still edit posts four years after the fact.

    Anyhoo, since this thread is a popular search result for arxpak, I added a mediafire link above since that may be a better version of the utility for running on some systems.

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    Thanks for adding an additional link to this.

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