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Thread: CoP: S.M.R.T.R. mod - Lab X8 docs glitch

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    CoP: S.M.R.T.R. mod - Lab X8 docs glitch

    I watched a video of the gameplay for X8 & it looks like I got all the documents (the docs are renamed in the S.M.R.T.R. Mod), but am not getting the chirping sound with the message that I can leave the lab complex. The map shows that there is one more document, but it seems it's in a part of the lab to which I have no access or it's one of the docs I already nabbed.

    I have these docs:
    -Product 62 Manual (I think this one was for Cardan, but he didn't keep it)
    -Product 62 Documentation
    -Sample Experiment Report
    -Rainbow Emitter - Overview
    -Research documents
    -American Experimentation Log
    -Transfer order

    But the map still shows there's another document and even though I've searched for the last hour & a half, damned if I can find it.

    Do I need to start the Lab X8 mission over, or is there a quick fix?

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    Sorry, I never tried that mod for CoP... I'm about to try the Misery mod.

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