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    Is there a way to finish the game with only 4 Akbaa stones? I must have dropped 1 somewhere not knowing their importance.

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    4 stones

    Quote Originally Posted by paul7475 View Post
    Is there a way to finish the game with only 4 Akbaa stones? I must have dropped 1 somewhere not knowing their importance.
    No sorry you need all 5 to complete the key to open the door for the final fight with Suiberius, when you enter the Level 5 Ylside bunker area you are met by two ylsides and one priest, the priest carries the 5th Akba rock.

    If you enter this area before you are supposed to the priest will yell out intruder and escape at this point I am not sure if you will ever find him probably not. Only enter the area after enchanting the mithril sword with the dragons egg, here is a copy of the relevant portion of the official guide.
    I hope this helps and all is not lost...

    Level 4 - The King, Alia, Snakewomen, an old debt and the Queen
    You now go to the magically sealed area here (45); before you can enter, Alia walks up and thanks you for everything; she asks you to give her sigil ring to her father and they meet at the great underground sea; suddenly, the snake women appear and claim Alia to be her new queen, because Poxsellis has promised his 4th coming to them; and Alia is the one. All of a sudden, the ghost of Queen Florence, whose murderer you found, talks to the scene, telling them, that Alia is the fifth child, and her twin sister Clarissa is the fourth; she knew of Poxsellis’ oath and gave Clarissa away to the traveller’s guild. Disappointed and angry, the sister leave undone.
    Then you now can dispel the field (45) and enter the bunker of the Ylsides, where two Ylsides and a priest attack you (IMPORTANT NOTE: this priest and the Alia cinematic will only happen if the final weapon has been melt with the Dragon Egg AND enchanted with "Enchant Object" Level 8 Minimum); the priest holds a fourth Akbaa Meteor.
    Level 5 - The Ylside Bunker
    Here you have to fight more Ylsides and priests; again, the priest have useful items with them: One key for the chest in the forge (16), one key for the chests in the training room (18) and the Ylsides Resting room (19) and one key for Iserbius’ room (20). In room 19, you will also find two metal bars to make the key for Gary’s bank (see Side Quest chapter).
    In Iserbius office, put a candle on the right skull on the altar and a secret compartment in the bed opens and reveals a key, which opens the chest and you have the fifth Akbaa Meteor.
    Place all the five Akbaa meteors on their places in room 21 and the door to the praying room (22) opens.
    When you attack Iserbius now, a sequence starts and you learn you are a little too late as Iserbius has already changed into something semi-demonic and after only one hit from your sword Akbaa’s incarnation is already complete; you now need to fight Akbaa and the demons he summons, but finally are able to defeat him.

    So the priest holds the 4th stone and the fifth is in the trunk in Isurbius's room.
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