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Thread: Gold Bars- Good for What? Where Can I Sell Them?

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    Gold Bars- Good for What? Where Can I Sell Them?

    So, I robbed the bank by casting a Zombie inside the locked area with Gary, (Too Funny).
    Now I have Gold Bars and I don't know who will buy them?
    Also, I wish my Stealth ability was better so I could place a "Curse Ring" into Gary's girlfriend's pocket!!!

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    I know this thread is old but just in case the person is still around waiting.....I believe you can sell them to the jeweler in town.

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    I generally sell them to the jewler then rip him off and resell them to the traders in the caves then when they expire resell them to the jewler later in the story or back to the bank. I like to put the key to the bank in gary's girlfriends pocket. I love this game it's so versatile. lots of freedom to vary the story and various outcomes unlike so many linear games today.

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