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Thread: Lords of the Fallen

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    One of the upsides of not being able to play the DS DLC for a few days is it gave me enough time and motivation to persevere with the final two bosses. While I quite enjoyed this game overall, being relatively short compared with any of the DS games wasn't such a bad thing as what they managed to pull off was entertaining enough but not too long as to wear out its welcome; although I really didn't go out of my way to deliberately finish off any of the side quests. This wasn't helped by the generic under-developed storyline, boring NPCs and to some extent the design of the art and graphics as well. While the game often looks fantastic, including the architecture and environmental effects, I found that everything starts to look very samey after a while.

    Given how much it has borrowed from the DS franchise, it is difficult to give an opinion of LotF without comparing it to DS. In many ways it could probably be referred to as Easy Souls (although it can be quite challenging at times) or Arcade Souls would probably be more fitting as it is generally a much easier and more forgiving game. And yet, while this studio obviously has no qualms about heavily borrowing ideas from the DS franchise and a number of other games -- they even stole the highlandish music from the Witcher 3 at one stage -- there is enough new things to keep the game interesting. The portals and gladiator rings for instance were a nice touch, with new items as rewards and interesting configurations of enemies. Speaking of which, I did get lost from time-to-time, particularly in the catacombs, and had to backtrack to previously cleared out areas which wasn't such a bad thing as these areas were often repopulated with new types of enemies.

    Without doubt my biggest complaint about this game though is the aforementioned camera issues that often resulted in cheap deaths or utter confusion, particularly in tight quarters such as corridors. It's not so much of a problem in more open areas and, probably unconsciously, my playstyle probably adapted to working around the issue as I noticed it less the further the game progressed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post
    Interestingly, I never used greataxes in the Dark Souls games, because there they look retarded.
    I also used Axes throughout most of this game as it seemed easier to find ones that had a better combination of speed and damage than most of the swords. This however was based on playing as a Warrior with a high Strength build. Although I amassed a large inventory of armour, I preferred to keep my weight ratio to below 50% and relied on rolling and using my gauntlet most of the time.

    Some of the boss fights were quite entertaining however were much easier to learn their movesets, and once learned were fairly straightforward to counter. Probably my favourite battle was the Lost Brothers -- to beat them required a variety of tactics and thinking on the fly. Disappointingly, I didn't get the satisfaction of beating the final boss through a fair fight through. On my third attempt at the final boss he glitched out and froze after doing his jump attack, allowing me to beat him to a pulp at my leisure.

    In spite of all of its flaws and shameless plagiarisms, I quite enjoyed playing LotF. There was clearly a lot of love put into it, and could have been a much better game if the Studio had more experience and better direction (and probably more resources as well). A very decent first effort and it will be interesting to see how their next game turns out.

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    For anyone that is after a fun Soulsesque game, GMG are selling this for a crazy $4 at the moment:

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    Man, why you gotta tempt me like that? I've bought enough games already!

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    You can't go wrong at that price.

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    The sequel has a new developer:

    The sequel to action-RPG Lords of the Fallen is being developed by Defiant Studios, a New York City-based team founded by former Avalanche Studios leads, publisher CI Games announced today.

    Defiant Studios was founded in 2016 by David Grijns and Roland Lesterlin, who served as game director and executive producer on Just Cause 3, respectively.

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