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Thread: Dark Souls Remastered

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    I've moved on to Ariamis now... is there any way at all to get out before the end?
    No, you have to find the exit. That's the only way out.

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    It is done, Dark Souls Remastered all finished up. My one regret is not doing the DLC before finishing the game, I assumed I'd be able to go directly to it after beating Gwyn.

    Watching this fight afterwards, I can see I was way too cautious at times, it probably should have been over in half the time. I've seen vids since showing people just parrying him to death, which seems like a really weak ending to such an epic journey. Surprised it's so doable with a final boss. Anyway, understatement alert, but just an awesome game. Glad I finally got to finish this classic.

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    Yeah, the game kicks you into NG+ after the ending. It's something they changed in the sequels. Anyway, I'm not sure how I could convince you to do another playthrough just for the DLC, but you really should! It's great.

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    On another note, I'm sure you all know about the Four Kings bossfight, but have you heard about the Two Kings fight?

    As Nashandra said in DS2, "We have no need for two rulers…". Well we have no need for four either. Btw, One King is also possible, but probably not with magic, as it doesn't have the DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brethren View Post
    Watching this fight afterwards, I can see I was way too cautious at times, it probably should have been over in half the time.
    I don't think so.
    Gwyn is a boss that doesn't give you many openings. And he is very punishing if you make a mistake. If you are not careful, he'll kill you before you realize you're in trouble. He hardly gives you time to drink. And when you think he is far away, and you take a sip, he comes flying from the other side of the room and kills you in 2 hits. There is hardly any way you can make use of the terrain. E.g. in the Ornstein und Smough fight you can walk behind a (broken) pillar and you're safe to drink. Not so with Gwyn. There is exactly one "pillar" (stalagmite) in the entire room where he won't fly/jump/stab through, and that you can use for cover.

    Maybe in NG this isn't that bad. I saw when he hit you, he took maybe 10% of your health. Last week I finally finished the DS1 run I started in September or so. All bosses dead in NG+7, without summoning (NPCs or other players). The only exception was Gwyn. Nowadays I always summon Solaire for that fight. Because it takes some effort to be able to do that, and because it seems a fitting end to a Dark Souls run. And because I'm sick of fighting Gwyn. I think in NG+5 or NG+6 I've soloed Gwyn, just to show myself I could do it. It's a long fight, I'm constantly circling that one pillar. At NG+7 Gwyn kills you in 2 hits. (I'm at souls-level 231, vitaly=50, health=1500).

    So yeah, being careful is always important. But especially so in the Gwyn fight.
    You did well.

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    So I decided to try to fast track it to get to the DLC on NG+. It's cool (and fun) how quickly you can get around once you know the layout of the world. So I cruised through Undead Burg/Parish, killed the Taurus Demon, killed the Gargoyles, then headed back to Firelink, down to the Valley of Drakes, briefly through Blighttown, and killed Queelag, all on one life and in just a couple of hours. Tonight I'll go through Sens/Iron Golem, cut through Anor Londo, kill Ornstein/Smough, and it should clear the way to the DLC in Darkroot. I think there's one item I need to grab in the Duke's Archive too.

    Man, thought I was done with this game. Guess I can't quit you baby.

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    I'm happy to see you going for the DLC. It has a couple of my favorite boss fights of the whole Souls series.

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    GAH - Those Anor Londo archers suck bad on NG+. I think this is the worst part of the game by far.

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    I just played the Remastered network test on the Switch.

    It's Dark Souls. ON THA GO!

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    Are you playing with the standard controllers and if so how does it stack up?

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    I played with both the Joycons and the Pro controller.

    My overall experience with it is that it's Dark Souls. It's locked at 30FPS, which makes it the weakest of the remastered versions. But if you want Dark Souls in portable form, here you are.

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