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Thread: Rambling about Arx

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    I've tried Libertatis on 3 PCs so far; a Dell Precision 450 w/ XP and a 6200, an old Gateway I recused from the garbage dump(replaced HD, installed XP, added in a x1300 pro and later an hd 6450) and a Dell Optiplex 780 w/ win 10 64bit and hd 6450, not the same card above). On all these PCs Libertatis had different problems. The worst was using it on the 780; my character was zooming around at light speed. The GOGs version worked perfectly on these PCs though with one exception - my character would randoming move a bit faster for a split second every 2-3 mins. This wasn't a huge problem and Libertatis only made it worse on the 780 - it was like a constant effect. Also Libertatis doesn't support detail textures and some mods. Conversely, though I believe there is at least one mod on moddb where it's required.

    I just installed Arx on my new PC last night, a prebuilt HP with a gt1050 and win10 64bit and so far no movement problems whatsoever. My only problem so far is that playing in widescreen resolutions above 720 the screen is sorta zoomed in and shifted to the right, however I'm fairly certain I can fix that by changing the DPI scaling option in the compatibility settings as I had that exact same problem last night after installing SWKotOR with the widescreen patch and changing the DPI options fixed it.

    I expect I will install Libertatis just to see how it performs on this PC whenever I decide to play this game again in earnest.

    Btw, I feel compelled to state that I'm trying to knock Libertatis or the people who have contributed to it. I'm just being honest about my experience with it versus the GOGs version. I actually hope it does perform better for me on this PC than it did on the others I've tried it on.

    You mentioned setting up proper values Goethe's Ghost so, perhaps there where some settings for Libertatis I was unaware of.

    Update 1: Yep, changing the DPI scaling fixed Arx in 1080. I reckon I'll go ahead and look up the last Libertatis build, now that I'm in a mood for Arx. Also, windows kindly informed me that Word will expire on December 14 unless I register it. Don't worry MS, I'll uninstall it long before then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curseofnight View Post
    Btw, I feel compelled to state that I'm trying to knock Libertatis or the people who have contributed to it.
    I am confident that you left out a word there :)

    Also, while I couldn't tell you what the differences are from the last official release, do note that the excellent folks behind that project are actively still working on it, so if 1.1.2 doesn't work out for you, you could chance your arm with an unstable build.
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    Lol, yeah definitely left out a word there! Sorry! I'll leave it be I guess.

    I actually tried 1.1.2 about 20 mins after I edited that post; works great. Finally found a PC it likes I guess. Now I can try Arx Extended, Yay!

    Don't you have to complie unstable builds from dev snapshots yourself? I don't think I could. I think (very)light quake/hexenII .qc/.hc coding is more my speed. Although, I did rip the the mp3 player code from Spirit of Half-Life 1.4 and port it into Spirit of Half-Life 1.2 and managed to compile it. I did it because the only compiler I have is from 98(MSDev98?) so only old code will compile on it, heh. So yeah, I couldn't compile Libertatis anyway. I'm also really drunk now, but I have more mods to download so bye bye.

    Wow, lol.

    Edit 2: I was screwing around with HxD and the Arx.exe last night and discovered that it's not a good idea(I made a back up, so all's well). What's the difference between a little eidan and a big'un? Fuck if I know. All I know is the answer isn't inside arx.exe.

    Edit 3: Woohoo! Thank You for the tread name change friendly forum moderator!
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