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Thread: The remains of GSC to develop Survarium... a F2P MMO.

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    Wherein we learn a little more about Survarium:

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    I'll definitely give it a try - at least in the 'Free Player' mode. Sounds interesting.

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    mmmm, screenshots.

    It's all so bitter-sweet. Those screens look amazing. Yet it's still an MMO

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    At the risk of being labeled a graphics whore, I have to admit they do look yummy.

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    None of these modes interest me.

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    Great and informative article:

    P.S. Sounds like Grigorovich is a real dick to work for.
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    I'd love co-op in a game like call of pripyat with maybe 1-8 players per server. But my MMO grinding days are long over.

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    With as much of a following that Stalker seems to have, I don't get why nobody to date has tried to carry it on "spiritually" in a single player game - you certainly can't trademark a radioactive, wasteland type setting, and just about the only thing you couldn't do is call people Stalkers. Everything else would be fair game, even artifacts, mutants, and anomalies.
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    BTW, there's a page where you can register and hope to be selected to play the upcoming alpha. If you're interested in that kind of thing.

    From what I've heard the PvP (3v3 and 10v10) modes are enjoyable already, although very poorly balanced. Visually, it's good and the mechanics inspired from STALKER work well.
    Oh well, sometimes I wish I didn't hate multiplayer games.

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    Well, released yesterday to almost zero fanfare, we have Survarium on Steam.

    I never really understood what they were going for with this thing, but despite my love for the Stalker games, I have almost no interest in this whatsoever.

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    I was lukewarm about the Stalker games to begin with, but this being F2P diminished my interest even further. Still, looking forward to hearing what TTLGers think of this. Someone play it already!

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    Fixed the thread title, a MMO Survarium certainly ain't. Friends of mine are playing this and enjoying it a lot -- it refines the already pretty good multiplayer of S.T.A.L.K.E.R and adds interesting game modes while keeping the forced paying elements cosmetic. On the other hand, matchmaking and european servers apparently suck very much.

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    I just downloaded this and started playing on it. Maybe I'm missing something but... It's counterstrike with a Stalker skin. This game has nothing in common with stalker other than it has anomalies and uses a lot of eastern bloc weapons.

    I've played 2 matches and got my face handed to me in both. Just like when I try to go play counterstrike. There is... .nothing here. It's pretty, but.. Where is this exploration and survivalist stuff the devs talk about? It's just straight 100% PVP in matches. That's it.

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    Anybody tried Desolate?

    I think its actually pretty good.
    Its basically a "rippoff"/mashup of all the good things about other games.
    A little Sstalker, a little Dying Light, and little Fallout...
    But I don't mind that.

    Sometimes people try too hard to reinvent the wheel.
    When all you need to do is just do it the way that has been proven the best way to do it through the test of time.

    Its like a hot rod.
    A little bit of this, a little bit of that.
    The ducks guts.

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