Hello there people,

today I'd like to present you one nice trick to get to lvl 10 in the middle of a game.

You'll need:
-A bow of any sort if you'll manage to get that chicken reward quest one it's even better but not needed.
-One garlic boi for enchant to deal moar dmg with it but not needed either that much, just to make stuff go faster.
-A LOT of arrows which are poisoned. You can get these from the castle armory, which is near that prison gate you'll need to go before even starting the quest.
-Other melee weapons that you can poison will help a lot.
So after you gather +1 arrow from the keep where people got attacked, all quivers from armory and traders. You'll have enough to exp your way to level 10.

Whole magnificent way of getting it starts with one lady laying under the Akba energy rock.
It's the first try on destroying that energy rock thingy.
So you've meet with the traitor waiting for you, he spawns a demon and runs away.
What you do ?
You don't care about the demon and go for that woman laying under the rock.
You'll have to find a way to avoid that demonic creature for as long as you get max level.
Hit her with whatever weapon or magic, till she starts to yell and bug out to stand.
When that happens, just shoot her with poisoned arrows, and enjoy the unlimited experience you'll receive.

Another thing I've managed to do is to get 999 stats or even higher though it's god mode after 200.
Get cheat engine, there search not for points available to spend, but for stats themselves.
STR is 10 ? search for 10, then add 1, and search for 11.
That way you can find exact stat and increase it as you'll.
Also gold works same way, but I don't think it's needed as you can make 40k easily in the middle of a game, just gather everything and sell it.

Hope that works out for you too.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day with a cup of nice tea.