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Thread: My thoughts on the idea that "Mobile is the future of gaming"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thirith View Post
    If that's what you think, then you're welcome to that. Myself, I think that you read that entirely into what I wrote, and I can't even see how you'd arrive at it.
    I'm just echoing Malf here, but: don't worry about it. My reading of the kneejerk you're encountering is that, like a primitively written Eliza algorithm, the key trigger is the word 'entitlement'.

    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    And on the language level, while fans are rabid and agressive, corporations have this culture of "tyranny of being nice". We can exploit you in every way possible, but no, you can't protest or display any stronger emotions about it, let's talk about it in our polite, sugar-coated corpo-speak. At this point I'm not sure if that's something that was derived from English culture itself, this superfluous tone of politeness and interest on the outside with no true intentions inside, or from something else. Still, it can and is used as a weapon, mostly to disarm and discourage any criticism, especially any more harsh forms.
    While I don't have anything in particular to say about everything else in your post, this bit made me curious. Corporations don't control how you voice yourself on a neutral platform - the tried and trusted corporate method is to manage perceptions by taking control of their own language in a heated situation, and diffusing resentment by a) deflecting it onto another, more positive topic, b) issuing vacillating non-answers, c) outright ignoring hot-button issues, and so on. They can try to make you respond in a 'nice' fashion, but the thing about vocal mobs in today's internet age is that they're rabid and angry and have free access to vent, which neatly slots them into a certain PR firefighting bracket where asking them to 'be nice' just stokes the flames again.

    While the 'be nice' approach works in theory, it only does so at an individual level and to a limited extent in practice, or if you control the medium of communication, both of which are not tenable for public groups moderated by a neutral platform unless you're a very charismatic speaker. And you don't really come across those too often, nor are they immune to being skewered - see Shu Yoshida for example.
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    I wonder what do you mean by "neutral platform", because AFAIK, there is no such thing. Eurogamer comment section is heavily moderated corporate space. Not only because of trolls and entitled true gamers, but also to stay in line with whatever corporate media policy the Gamer Network has. At the same time, GN has no problem with e.g. Eurogamer video team rising donations on Youtube streams, as if they were amateur streamers (they're awful amateurs in most everything else, but that's a phenomenon for another topic).

    Google and Facebook have entire legions of outsourced "content moderators" (mostly in Asia), who censor not only trolls, terrorist propaganda, or the most gory videos, but also more vague or disturbing art. And people who do that are unqualified to do that. There's this document, The Cleaners, which describes most of these problems, although in a tad too dramatic fashion. But the conclusion is still pretty valid: platforms like FB, Twitter or Youtube pretend to be virtual public spaces, but they're highly regulated corporate spaces. Obvious thing, I know. All these services are ignoring the social and political influence aspect of these platforms, because that would require some actual expertise, corporate responsibility, and would probably generate big costs. "Just be nice, and let us make money on you and your data, okay?"

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    To clarify, a 'neutral' platform inasmuch as one exists is where people are moderated by a third party, such as Twitter. EG and other sites owned by media conglomerates obviously have corporate overlords to appease when it comes to their reporting.

    And while I'm sure that censoring trolls and gore videos happens on social media, as it should, I doubt that the big corporations can pay them off to censor people or apply a stricter set of rules than the ones they already have (like instituting a 'be nice' protocol that overrides the platform's current terms of use), and at that on a per-topic basis - if hate speech and cursing isn't tolerated, it's not tolerated across the board regardless of the conversation. The uniformity of this application isn't consistent at times, but that's people in general for you; they tend to be slightly inconsistent given a large enough sample set. That's why they're investing heavily in machine learning algorithms to deal with this right now, which raises its own troubling questions.

    But for now, a level of inconsistency applied discreetly at certain events like the Blizzard fiasco is something else: if there's overwhelming evidence of companies directing conversations towards being shut down on Twitter just because they're difficult topics, I'd accept that, but without seeing it I can't really take that at face value.

    Addendum: re: The Cleaners, a quick skim of its talking points outside of outsourced content moderation reveals an obvious conclusion that FB and Twitter etc.'s business models profit from bursts of outrage, which further makes the idea of censoring the users who're responsible for a platform's engagement peaks improbable.
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    True, but that was more about problem with platform neutrality, not problem of being nice. That's stuff reserved mostly for gaming news sites like above or publisher-owned gaming forums. Which again, as a rule itself isn't bad, obviously; it's more problematic when it's used as a weapon against criticism, and that line can be pretty blurry.

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    Fair enough. That's a pretty relevant point in these polarised times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Here's why you, and everyone like you, are an idiot. Blizzard puts on these conventions because they're great PR. All that fan aticism is good for the bottom line. Otherwise they wouldn't bother with them. "Look at our fans! We've got such great fans! So much devotion! So much positive energy! Spread the word!"

    But then, when those exact same fans express a dislike for something instead of the usual torrent of likelikelikekekeke, suddenly they're whiny entitled bitchy manchildren. This view is the height of smug hypocrisy. Either encourage both positive and negative feedback from fans, or don't encourage any of it. Companies don't get to pick and choose as pleases them. THAT is being whiny and entitled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sulphur View Post
    I think you're confusing me with someone working for Blizzard. Blizz's PR meltdown is their own. Could it have been handled better? Yes, obviously. The fans' reactions and what they spew onto the intertubes is also their own - if you don't like something, be displeased, but barfing your ire all over reddit and Twitter is not going to win you sympathy points. Easy to understand now?
    I love this place. Why did I ever stop coming here as often as I did?

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    Because of a non-stop case of explosive diarrhea.


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    LOL, Diablo Immortal is launching simultaneously on PC with mobile. Coming June.

    Ironically I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being better than actual Diablo 4 because there's probably next to nobody with talent left at Blizzard, mostly diversity hires for "equity". NetEase is Chinese and they still hire based over there.

    Blizzard is the same developer who in response to WoW experiencing a mass exodus to FF 14 in 2021, didn't address any problems that players had with the game. Instead they started panic censoring any legacy content in WoW that could potentially offend women because of the sex pest employee scandal.

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