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Thread: Setting up security camera

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    Setting up security camera

    Is it possible to tweak sec. camera? All what I found was 'Camera parameters' property with only 3 values to change. That's not enough.
    I want set camera to secure a narrow sector, so I was forced to slow it's scan speed (to avoid 'trembling'). But when camera was alerted and returns to it's original position, it rotates slow and gives undesirable chance to player.
    Is it possible to change directions of returning camera to it's origilal position or to direct it's lens exactly at one point without rotating at all?
    And another question: is there any simple way to have camera OFF when the game starts? All what I find is a way to TURN it off with one trigger or another, but I don't want to depend on player's activity.

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    I'm not sure I quite understand, but with camera parameters, you can change the degree to which the camera turns. For example, in my mission good vs bad, I have my camera at -360.00 and 360.00. The camera obviously rotates all the way around. If you want it to scan a narrow area, just lower the degrees using Camera: Parameters. There's also Device Parameters, although I'm 100% sure what that does. Seems pretty self explanatory though.

    If I understand your question, you want the camera to not turn at all? In that case, perhaps setting the degrees to 0.00 and 0.00 would do the trick?

    Your last question I'm not sure about. You're saying you'd like the camera to be off (that is, inactive) when you start the game. Perhaps change it's state from normal to Asleep? Sorry, can't really help you there.

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    To start a camera off, create a lever and link it to the camera. Set its jointstate to On, Reverse and stick it in a blueroom or in solid outside of a roombrush.

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    Thanks, Yandros. I've tried different variations with the switch, but not ON+REVERSE.
    Unfortunately '0+0' degrees setting doesn't work properly, it makes the camera crazy at all. Try and you will see, it's hard to explain. '10/-10' degrees works right, but after 'yellow' alert camera returns to it's original position making full 360-degrees rotation, it means that it can't see it's main sector for a long period of time.

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    I need to necro this thread since I'm having Zontik's same problem. I have a camera that should just watch one door, period. It's extremely bright in the room, there is simply no way to sneak past this camera. (Supreme ghosters will be able to find another way around, though it's difficult).

    The problem comes in when the camera goes yellow on the player. The camera turns toward the player as usual. When the player hides and the camera returns to green, it starts scanning 360 degrees. Ideally, I'd like to have the camera return to staring at its door after going green.

    I can set it to not turn at all, ever. But this looks a little bit weird since the camera doesn't look at you when going yellow.

    Edit: Never mind, false alarm. I must have fiddled with the camera's properties and messed it up, because replacing it with a new camera fixed it.
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