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Thread: Stilt Fella :D

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    Announcement: Release pushed back to Early 2020

    Yeah, I'm not gonna get this finished in November, and I feel like there's so much going on in videogameland in December that my little game will drown in the noise. January or February sounds better.

    Full Steam post

    In other news I attended some masterclasses on UI and narrative design in games last Thursday/Friday and came away with a few new ideas.

    -Foreshadowing the end of the game earlier. Right now it kinda comes out of nowhere, but I thought of some good, easy to implement ways to make the whole journey feel more logical/meaningful.

    -Controller rumble! This is so obvious I dunno why I didn't think of it earlier. Implemented it this morning. The left side of the gamepad now jolts a bit when the left stilt touches ground and vice versa. IMPROVES GAMEFEEL!

    -Tutorial remade. Previously it wasn't possible to fall over in the first level, but this kinda teaches the wrong lessons to the player, since it makes the level possible to complete using techniques that won't work in the actual game.

    These changes aren't in the Steam Beta yet, will publish a new build later this week.

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    New version uploaded!

    Featuring improved character customization camera!


    Menu improvements:
    -Better navigation for both gamepad and mouse
    -Logo zoom animation
    -More sounds

    Character Customization menu:
    -Clothing Item Unlock system implemented
    -Improved camera

    -Controller rumble!
    -Improved scenery in several levels
    -Changes to tutorial

    Backend systems:
    -Did some very CLEVER PROGRAMMING to make sure I can update the database system WITHOUT wiping all your savedata, hopefully.
    BETA TESTERS, please let me know if any of the following happens:
    -game stops on Press Start screen and you cant progress.
    -none of the clothing options are unlocked from the start.
    -your previous level progress is missing.

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    Another update:


    Character Customization updates:
    -Lots of new clothing items. All planned items are now in the game.
    -Idle animation on customization screen.

    -added Options to Pause Menu.
    -a few minor level tweaks and bugfixes.
    Will be showing off the game at Vaasa Game Days (local gaming event) tomorrow and the next day!

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