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Thread: NOW what are you playing?

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    I'm QUITE a bit further into AC - Odyssey, and man is the DLC superior to the main game in terms of story hooks. In the main game your after the cult of Kosmos, ok fine. Well in the DLC the baddies take that badness meter and turn it up to 11. Gives you an actual really good reason for wanting to hunt down and exterminate every last one of those vermin. The Kosmos cult members of the main game in comparison are far more a-typical AC Templar's (prior to there being Templar's).

    Don't watch this video if you've not played the DLC. Major spoilers:

    But man the twin boss battle at the peak of that particular quest was just epic, with the burning village etc. That is some Conan style (the Arnie one's) stuff right there and Dark Soul's style difficulty. I managed it on first attempt so maybe not that hard, but it sure was difficult. On the subject, the DLC adds in some extra optional bosses here and there. One of those, a fire Cyclops. Wow. Now that was Dark Souls difficulty by a long shot. Took me like 10 tries before I could take him down.

    I really enjoyed AC - Origins, but I have to admit that Odyssey is far superior. It is the Doom 2 to Doom 1. It takes everything established in the game before and then adds on to it. Some decent sea battles, and quite a bit of content. Story is excellent as well. Origin's mostly went for the historical (sort of) angle, and was good for learning some Egyptian and Roman history. None of that in Odyssey, but it's good in it's own right. Far more Witcher 3, than even Origins was. Combat's good for the most part, but ranged combat was better in Origins. A headshot should always = death. Not moderate damage. You get an arrow to the head and your gone. Come on. And my god. You can be a complete Captain Kirk romance wise, with half the women (of those that actually talk to you) in the game. Racked up quite the count already.

    Though after the events of the DLC, I dunno if I'll be doing that anymore.

    The male character you play in Odyssey I'd compare to Hercules, with a touch of Conan (in terms of blood lust). I see quite a few parallels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by froghawk View Post
    an alliance with a secret group of natives
    The group of natives in Shadow have way more character than in Rise IMO. It was also a nice thouch to record native languages, even though it's kind of weird how Lara still speaks english, but I enjoy listening to foreign languages anyway. The only thing Rise did better, is that IIRC all of the side quests were connected to the plot (imminent Trinity attack), while in Paititi you do a bunch of random stuff, like investigating a crime. Doesn't really support the feeling of urgency. I also disliked that they force you to wear a specific outfit in the city. I understand, story reasons and all, but there are so many cool costumes, and you can't wear them in a significant portion of the game.

    I agree with you though, I also found the balance between combat/exploration/puzzles much better in Shadow than in the previous games. It's my favorite from the reboot trilogy.

    Btw, TR: The Last Revelation also had a similar plot device: Lara steals and ancient artifact and unleashes the end of the world, which she has to then prevent from happening.

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    Nice, I didn't know that. I've never sat down with the core titles - I need to do that one of these days.

    I get you on the side quests. On the other hand, the collecti-bullshit feels more fleshed out and story connected here
    I recall opening some boxes in the first two to get XP and nothing more, whereas this one is loaded with readables. They're fleshed out enough to not annoy the crap out of me, unlike in the last one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    I think the weirdest thing about it would be pressing the left mouse button with your thumb, like you're squeezing the thing. As is, I'm pretty well satisfied with my thumby roller.
    This talk of trackballs reminded me I had an old Logitech trackman in a box that I bought at least 10 years ago. Dug it out and I don't seem to be bothered by left clicking with my thumb. Only slightly miss the scroll wheel which would be resolved by getting a variant like the MX ERGO. My hand feels like it may be suffering after all these years and I don't mind using a trackball - just forgot about the thing.

    What's the battery life like on the ERGO?

    I'm on the threshold of starting Dishonored 2 myself so will attempt it with the trackball...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scumble View Post
    What's the battery life like on the ERGO?
    Yesterday was the first time I plugged it in to recharge it. Logitech advertises three months between charges, but I'd say expect about a month or so. Takes about half an hour to recharge fully

    One of the nicest things I've noticed about my Ergo, something that hasn't been touted too much in any of the reviews I've read, is the high DPI mode. For those moments when I need to make an extremely fine tuned adjustment to something, being able to click a button to get slow, exacting movements out of your trackball is an absolute godsend.

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    Last night I gave "Blasphemous" which I backed on KS a fair while ago, a try.

    This game is really odd. Very goth, to the point of being very Dark Souls / hell / Cthulhu-ish, with people walking around with really odd armor. The player character in response to defeating the first boss, takes his helmet off, fills it to the top with it's blood, then puts it back on. The first thing you see on starting a new game, is a woman hitting herself square in the chest with a angel-like statue repeatedly, until suddenly a sword goes through her.


    The gameplay itself is really good, but at the same time IMMENSELY hard. Like Dark Souls hard. Actually harder, since the enemies always respawn when you go back to a camp fire. Just like Dark Souls though, it's 100% skill. So if you die, it's because you suck. Not because the game cheated. Musics good. Art style is excellent. Overall I quite like it, despite the odd setting.

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    It's inspired by Goya and Spanish religious art and themes, and obviously heavily trades on things like The Inquisition. Look that stuff up if you actually want to parse it.

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    Aside from spending a lot of time learning how to make music on VCV (virtual synth rack), I've been playing Grim Dawn. It's a top-down Diablo-like hack & slash, and the world is kind of late Victorian badlands, the period & mythology of Dracula out in the swamplands with some western (as in cowboy) vibes.

    I like it. Fantastic art style. Game play is pretty pared down, you're just walking into zombie hordes with a few tanks and occasional epic bosses scattered in and clicking them down. (Mercifully you can just hold the button down, no need for constant clicking.) But has a nice flow and strategy to it. They've got it set up and balanced so you have to tactically weave in and out without cornering yourself, which makes it more tactical than Diablo itself was. Also, to its credit, they made the world larger than what you need to get to your objective, so you can find alternative paths and just explore out in the wilderness a bit, see extra bits of story, get extra experience and gear (there are lots of different kinds of weapons and powers you can use to tailor your own play style), and take in the nice visuals. So there's that exploration side to it, and it has nice worldbuilding too.

    If you liked the original Diablo 1 & 2, this is exactly that with a lot of nice bells and whistles that perfect the model.

    Well here's a good video making a case for the game.

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    One cool thing I like in the game, is that every time you die you leave behind "guilt", which is essentially like left over essence like in the Souls game. Difference being that, if you die in other spots then those also become other points of guilt. You can pay to have the current spots removed, but why do that when you could just run back to get rid of them? Quite interesting stuff.

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    Tried a bit of Fortnite to see what Season 2 did, and b/c I'm homebound for the moment due to a (good) family circumstance.

    Somehow they managed to make the game even more boring than it was at the beginning of Season 1. Exploring a new map is cool but a few rounds later once that's worn off the appeal is gone.

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    Now, this is surprising. When I heard Alien Isolation was headed to the Switch, like most of the quality AAA releases for the system, I was expecting the usual solid port that looks decent for what it is, but it's still obvious that a lot of sacrifices had to be made to the visuals to fit on the system.

    So imagine my surprise when, per this Digital Foundry review, it actually ended up being the best looking of all the console ports. SHOCKO TIME!

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