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Thread: How to get Fallout 3 looking good!

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    Thanks for posting this, if I can ever be arsed to reinstall Fallout 3 I might give it a go. Not sure about the street lights though, they look all weird and solid, and I thought we weren't supposed to have electricity through the streets of DC anyway. Edit: I had a look at a Youtube video of the ENB you linked to, and one of the comparison segments in there does seem to suggest that it's the ENB that's giving the light shafts such a high-contrast, solid appearance.

    Oh, and if you're getting tired of the vanilla Fallout 3 soundtrack you could try and complement those visuals with some nice S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ambient instead. I felt it changed the mood of the game quite a bit, your mileage may vary, but after playing for so long I was rather tired of the original tracklist.
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    I found Bethesda's choice of music for Fallout odd tbh, since it just felt like TES:IVa Fallout if you closed your eyes.

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    I'll try the STALKER music. I've never been a fan of FO3's music either.

    The thick light beams are from the ENB's bloom. It doesn't bother me personally but I suppose you could most likely tweak it in the ini files if you really wanted to.

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    nerd bullshit tl;dr ahead

    Below is a (very small) selection of the music I use (in addition to the default, mind) -- and I'm always making revisions. Note that I use some music from other games, namely Manhunt and Stalker; this list doesn't include that. (And if not using music from Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for Operation Anchorage is wrong I don't wanna be right.) I use quite a bit of music -- several dozen tracks for the base Fallout 3 alone, and that's cut down from several years ago.

    Battle music:

    Ah Cama-Sotz - Vio-Lence and Vivi-Section (if youtube fucks up, it's the bit at 36m32s)

    Dungeon music (almost universally large building interiors, metro/sewer tunnels, and caves)

    Desidirii Marginis - Solemn Descent

    Atrium Carceri - Maintenance Tunnels

    Explore music (everything that isn't dungeon or town music):

    Robert Rich and B. Lustmord - Undulating Terrain (actually the whole of the album this is from makes great dungeon and explore music)

    Aphex Twin - Windowsill (given that Fallout 1's soundtrack is basically a knockoff of Selected Ambient Works II it's only right that it be included here)

    Public (any town that has its own interior, like Megaton, as opposed to being open-air like Arefu):

    Desidirii Marginis - Still Life


    Of course, I have a selection of music for some of the DLC as well. I usually swap them out when I make the trip.

    For example, for Operation Anchorage I use dreamSTATE's White Winter Moon. Point Lookout gets tracks like Aphex Twin's Grey Stripe and Rich/Lustmord's Elemental Trigger. The Pitt makes very little use of music, and what I do use tends to be slightly on the darker, more industrial side, like Desidirii Marginis' A Bolt out of the Blues. And while Broken Steel mostly runs off the base Fallout 3 setting, the AFB at the end is a good place for tracks like Sophia's Sigillum Militum IX.

    I don't bother with Mothership Zeta.

    If anyone's interested I'll provide a full list of everything I use, bearing in mind I only update it every 2 years and it's an off year.

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    First, be careful, early on, alot of the local wildlife are quite challenging, also, when you explore, get as much as you can, even if it looks like junk, it can still be sold, next, conserve your ammo, it's fairly scarce, so when you kill a raider, take his/her ammo, even if you dont have the gun for it, ammo doesn't add weight, so you don't have to worry about over encumbering yourself, only shoot if you have to, so it helps to put some skill points into melee, finally, when at a low level, AVOID MIRELURKS AND DEATHCLAWS, these guys can kill you easily, the deathclaw, even easier, dont engage these bipedal beasts at all costs, unless you have some mines, grenades, or the missile launcher or fat boy, these things are mean (I was over level 20, and one still killed me in a couple hits)

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