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Thread: How far can you get before seeing king?

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    How far can you get before seeing king?

    How far have you been able to get in the game before seeing the King for the first time?

    Note. I did not use the bone / chair cheat. I built tech skill primarily to pick the lock on the tomb and gain lower access first I floated and grabbed the mega from above the tomb entrance.

    I have placed 4 akba stones in the room in the temple i've been there 4 times lots of scrolls armor killed all of the Ylsids, except those who are in Arx later.
    Made the key to bank and robbed it, made the mithril sword and have all the mithril armor, been thru the iron door in the bar and taken out all of the elements there except the blind priest and of course Iserbius, the rat men are toast and I have over 300,000 experience points, level 10 and have the keys to the castle armor, the town jewlers, I have been thru the snake ladies temple of illusion and retrieved Zohark. been thru the castle upper rooms and have over 70,000 coins That's all so far.

    Now it's off to see the king and begin the story.
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    You can finish the game without seeing the king

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    you are correct the game can be finished without seeing the king so I should have phrased it this way how far can you get in the game before you see the king to accept the mission to deliver the letter to Pog?

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