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Thread: T2X HD Texture Mod

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    Yes Also a good idea

    Quote Originally Posted by Mebber View Post
    Playing through Thief 2XHD (with the german patch) for the first time, and i've noticed that many (most) of the longer ingame texts are cut off early, as if the text is too long to fit the pages. Is that a problem on my end, can i fix it?
    Thank you! I will check this problem.

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    If it's not just a problem on my end and the files need simple adjustment (like, spreading the text on more pages), i'd offer to help. I'm currently switchwing back-and-forth between game and files to read the missing parts anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    Thank you! I will check this problem "in the german version".
    Hi Gecko!
    I hope you will find this useful.
    The ZIP contains 6 corrected texts for the german version which do not display correct for pure formal reasons.
    (missing quotes or bad usage of quotes - and tabs)
    I had run them through my own text-checker program - and now they pass.
    Simply extract them into the books folder. The 'changes.txt' file points out the issues and fixes.

    So, these texts are now formally correct.
    Whether there are any texts which appear trunacted since the text simply exceeds the page-size, I can not tell.
    One would need to look them up (and all the other texts as well) in the mission itself.
    Sadly I do not have the time for that these days.
    But hopefully this help anyway.

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    Videos coming soon

    Well hopefully sooner rather than later I'll be putting up a play through using this amazing texture mod. Whats the next texture mod going to be on. ;P

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    Thank you gnartsch

    @ boylag

    I can't wait to see your play through!

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    I canīt unpack the Zip-File for the German T2X-version. Possibly a damaged version or will I have to download an newer zip-program? Anyone else had my problems?
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    This is the T2X German Translation Patch v1.0:

    T2X German Translation Patch v1.0

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    For anyone looking to install this since 2015 questioning the compatibility - it works fine as of the date of this post with the following already installed -
    - the GoG Thief 2 download
    - T2fix
    - all ESGRAN files (the graphics updates, video, painting)

    You literally only have to stick the 7z file in your fan mission directory and open with FM loader. No need for it's own game folder or such. You only have to sit through the extraction the first time btw.

    Thanks Gecko for the package and texture mod!

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