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Thread: Weird Physical "Stuttering" In Thief Gold

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    Weird Physical "Stuttering" In Thief Gold

    I posted about this issue a while ago and at the time, I thought the problem had abated. At the very least, it had somehow become manageable enough that I could suitable ignore it and just enjoy some quality Thief 1 fan missions. However, after returning to my PC after four months, the issue is "back," or rather, it's become more noticeable in my absence.

    This time, however, I actually have a video to make my point.

    This is from the "Morning Light" fan mission but it happens in almost every single one I've played with. It can also happen in the base game but not always, although it's hard to tell for sure because I'm constantly fucking with the cam_ext file trying to smooth out the issue. This time, however, I am working with an almost entirely vanilla cam_ext file, but it happens whether I mess with it or not.

    You'll notice the problem particularly between 0:01-0:11 and 0:31-0:44. In the first case, I know it might look like just weird interaction with the steps, but I've had steps that don't act like this in Thief Gold and they're NEVER like this in Thief 2. The second part is a bit more damming. From this, it almost seems like the headbobbing effect is broken. However, briefly before 0:31, I walk the same pathway again with none of the weird "juddering." I think this problem occurs more when underneath a light and specifically having the light within the frame, but it's entirely possible that it's just easier to notice when not in complete darkness. I also have a similar issue when jumping, where the camera will "jut" down a little, almost like Garrett bumped his head but when there's nothing above him, except that it "pops" back up after the apex of the jump.

    I've messed with vsync and single_display_mode. I've tried the hi-res timer and the physfrequency. I've even removed antialiasing in case it's a performance issue. If it's a framerate or refresh rate issue, then no amount of messing with the cam_ext file has helped. Furthermore, Thief 2 doesn't have this problem at all with either fan missions OR the base game. So clearly, there's some difference between Thief Gold (with TFix, of course) and Thief 2 (with T2Fix, obviously).

    I can provide more video evidence if need be. Just really hoping this is either a problem literally everyone has or I just forgot a very basic step.

    EDIT: Just did an extra test because I was wondering if the headbobbing thing might be the issue. I turned off headbobbing and went the exact same route as in the video but the same things happened; the screen / Garrett would "jut" slightly from one side to the other. Furthermore, I've realized that this weird "juddering" happens fairly reliably when I'm DIRECTLY underneath a light—or very nearly. For instance, in the video in that weird space under the stairs, I noticed that the "judder" happened when I was directly underneath the weird incense light. I then went upstairs where there was another light on a shelf, crouched underneath it to move around, and the same thing happened again.

    So maybe it's somehow lighting causing the issue?
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    i think youre running into the "portal repelling" that the dark engine has always done. you notice it a lot more in fan missions (especially modern ones) because they have a lot more detailed geometry and as a result many more 'portals' in the bsp tree.

    you can try adding small_portal_repel to user.cfg that is supposed to reduce it. from the newdark docs:

    Quote Originally Posted by newdark docs/new_config_vars.txt
    small_portal_repel this reduces the safety distance margin between the player camera and portals during rendering. Maintaining the safety margin is what can cause the small "jitter" that you can sometimes experience when crossing portals, such as walking across a door opening (portals are however everywhere and not just doors). By enabling this option, a smaller margin is used and the visible jitter is reduced or often eliminated. Although no problems are expected, in the unforeseen event that you experience issues like the screen flickering black when crossing portals, then disable this option again.

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    So I just add "small_portal_repel" to a new line?

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    It worked. Thank. God. And thank you, so goddamn much.

    Now I finally don't have to avoid Thief Gold missions or weather them in spite of the juddering.

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