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Thread: TFix: unofficial patch for Thief1/Gold

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    yeah, as mentioned a couple of times, hdmod takes over completely.

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    @voodoo47 does tfix still install squirrel.osm in a subdirectory, so that its only loaded via uber_mod_path? that configuration caused problems for one player, who tried to disable all mods before starting 'making a profit', only to find that it broke the mission by preventing squirrel from being loaded too. see my comments here.

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    Looks like I missed that discussion. The feature of putting a "*" in the disabled mods string to disable all mods has always been a thing in NewDark loaders, and using it has always been a gotcha in that it disables everything including fix mods etc. But AngelLoader's explicit "Disable all mods" checkbox has probably made this pitfall more likely due to it being an easy one-click option that doesn't have any indication of causing problems. At the time I just thought it would be an easy convenience feature to lessen the somewhat user-unfriendly nature of the disabled mods string.

    I'm partway through work on an improved "disabled mods" section in AngelLoader, where you'll be able to see a list of mods that you can check and uncheck per-FM, and also I want to either remove the "Disable all mods" checkbox, or else have some kind of "disable visual mods only" or "disable all mods that aren't functional/fixes/necessary scripts/etc." though that would require it knowing by name which was which I guess.

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    well, the game needs to load the script somehow, and if you disable load on EVERYTHING, then yes, it will not get loaded. it doesn't matter whether the script is in a subfolder or not.

    you should consider uber_mod_path a dev option, not to be touched unless you are very, VERY sure you know what you are doing/you want to not load anything and are aware of all the consequences.

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    squirrel.osm is not a mod though. its just a component of newdark. it should be installed right next to gen.osm. it ought to be the case that with no config set up for mods at all, that running “thief.exe -fm foo” allows foo’s missions to load squirrel.osm (if they have it in their script_load table) just as they load gen.osm or convict.osm.

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    the 3rdparty scripts are in the OSM folder to safeguard against misbehaved fm authors who distribute their fms with (outdated) scripts - the ubermod osm load will make sure the newest scripts from the OSM folder are loaded no matter what is in the fm root. this would be undesirable only in a very edge case scenario - if that happens, forum support/manual intervention is the best solution, most likely.

    will go through the linked thread thoroughly to confirm. //yep. technically, I could duplicate the script in the root, but I don't like making a mess of things, the solution below would be more preferable.

    Quote Originally Posted by FenPhoenix View Post
    AngelLoader's explicit "Disable all mods" checkbox
    perhaps split this into "disable all mods" (mod_path), and "disable all scripts" (uber_mod_path).
    Last edited by voodoo47; 3rd Oct 2021 at 08:34.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    the 3rdparty scripts are in the OSM folder to safeguard against misbehaved fm authors who distribute their fms with (outdated) scripts - the ubermod osm load will make sure the newest scripts from the OSM folder are loaded no matter what is in the fm root.
    okay. i still disagree with this approach; but i have had this argument with other fm authors telling them not to bundle squirrel.osm (and not sure if i convinced them), so i get where youre coming from.

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    it's kind of a lose-lose situation. hopefully Fen can fix it in AngelLoader, I think that would be the best solution here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    perhaps split this into "disable all mods" (mod_path), and "disable all scripts" (uber_mod_path).
    I hadn't thought of that. That would certainly solve the most pressing issue at hand.

    I also want to deal with the dml fixes too though (FMDML and T2FMDML). Those are normally specified in with the regular mod_path stuff, but in general you probably don't want those disabled either.

    So maybe:

    | ----------------|
    | [ ] usermods    |
    | [ ] fmdml       |
    | [ ] hdmod       |
    | [ ] (etc)       |
    | ----------------|
    [ ] Disable all mods (quick)
    [ Advanced... ]
     (normally hidden section)
     [ ] Disable DML fixes
     [ ] Disable scripts
     [ ] Disable absolutely everything

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    sure why not. also, they are 3rdparty scripts, technically. maybe add some description that would make it clear selecting this may make things not work at all ("make sure you know what you are doing").

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    Is there a way to completely remove the UI background, so you only have black background with text? Also is there a way to disable the UI engine sound?

    Is there a way to invert the maps/readables, so they're no so bright at night?

    Is there a way to increase the amount of stars in the night sky mod?

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    you can make the UI so transparent that it will be invisible. stars can be controlled by the corresponding mtl, I think. no idea what you mean by inverting, but probably not.

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    TFix 1.27 Issues

    Win10, Thief Gold, TFix 1.27.

    I reinstalled Thief Gold. Then I installed TFix 1.27. Then I installed HDmod 1.0 (I do not like 1.2). I copied EP2 & NecroAge to the main folder, & I copied the sound enhancement pack to the USERMODS folder per the instructions. I have some issues:

    1) I cannot download the HDmod fix ("this file") listed on the front page (It requires you to be authorized to download it) I have been waiting hours to get authorized. Can someone host it somewhere please?

    "-to install HDmod, just run the installer and follow the instructions. when done, copy this file into your Thief folder and overwrite - this will make sure all scripts and dml fixes will load properly (this is required for HDmod 1.2, hopefully future versions will not need this). to uninstall, repatch with TFix, and delete the hdmod folder when done.

    2) In the paths @ the bottom of the cam_mod.ini, why is EP included in these lines? That is the old very outdated enhancement pack. Should that not be EP2 instead?

    3) If I use the new paths @ the bottom of the cam_mod.ini that includes EP2 (or EP), I get graphics errors. For example, if I use the following line - all my wall torches are reversed (the wall bracket is not attached to the wall, it is flipped and hanging in mid air):

    mod_path usermods+mods\packfix+mods\candles+mods\Thief1+EP2+mods+mods\t2skies+mods\EP2+FMdml.

    But when I use the old path: mod_path ep2\thief1+ep2 - I do not get any errors. I cannot use any of the extra paths or the torches will be reversed. I tried removing each part 1 by 1. The NecroAge and HDmod do not have this issue.

    4) I do not fully understand the new paths. I understand usermods+mods\packfix+mods\candles+mods, but I do not understand things like Thief1+EP2+mods+mods. Why is there a +mods+mods and not just+mods?

    5) How do I add the HDmod to the new paths? Will this work if I add - \usermods+hdmod+hdmod?

    6) When I use HDmod and run a fan mission, it crashes. In the past, it ran fine but the HDmod was simply ignored and used the mission creators preferred graphics. It will be a pain to have to change this out every time I want to run a FM. Any fix for this?

    7) The old HDmod path was mod_path usermods+hdmod+hdmod\t2skies+patches. Do we no longer need the +patches?

    8) Not a TFix issue, but the interactive candles mod, does this only apply to FM where the candles are specifically flagged to use this mod? It would be awesome if they could be used in the original missions also.

    Thanks for the replies ahead of time.

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    1) re-shared the file, and I can download it no problem (chrome). anyway, here are the contents;
    ; ----------
    ; FM options
    ; ----------
    ; FM selection can also be done with command-line options (which override mod.ini)
    ;   -fm        : to start the FM Selector
    ;   -fm=name   : to start game with 'name' as active FM
    ; always start the FM Selector (if one is present)
    ; start game with FM (the name is the FM's directory name, located in the FM path)
    ;fm TheDarkMansion
    ; to specify a path other than the default "FMs" (the specified path must exist or
    ; it won't be accepted and the game falls back to the default path)
    ;fm_path .\FMs
    ; a single relative path name to override the FM movie directory
    ; default is "Movies" for Thief and "cutscenes" for Shock
    ;fm_movie_dir Movies
    ; define the library name of an alternative FM Selector, the default is "fmsel.dll"
    ;fm_selector fmsel.dll
    ; an FM Selector is separate library (DLL) containing a utility, usually a UI based
    ; application that lists the available FMs and lets the user pick which one to run.
    ; A selector could range from a simple list box with the FM names or a full blown
    ; manager with extended info, last played timestamps, sorting/filtering etc.
    ; ---------
    ; Mod paths
    ; ---------
    ; the max path count is 63 for "uber_mod_path" and "mod_path" combined
    ; (avoid an excessive amount of paths, it can make file handling slower)
    ; these are mod paths that override the active FM in the search order
    ;uber_mod_path mods\UpToDateOSMs+MyGemMod
    uber_mod_path OSM
    ; these are normal mod paths which are applied after the active FM in the search order
    ;mod_path MyBowMod+.\TexturePack
    mod_path usermods+hdmod+hdmod\t2skies+patches
    2) if you meant the default TFix cam_mod.ini, no need to be concerned, everything is working as intended (TFix includes a custom version of EP, which will be overridden once EP2 is detected).
    3) do not edit anything, if you install TFix with the default mod loadout, and pop EP2 in, everything will work. do not mix EP2, hdmod and NecroAge (as explained in the first post).
    4) to make sure resources are loaded with proper priorities once everything is plugged in. and it's not +mods+mods, it's actually +mods+mods\t2skies (whatever is between the pluses is the actual modpath, but I don't think I want to be explaining the load priorities fully here, check the docs and start experimenting if you are serious about this).
    5) you do not, you follow the installation instructions. do anything else, things will go atomic, and you'll be on your own.
    6) the easiest thing to do is to keep separate Thief installs for hdmod and for FMs. shouldn't be a problem considering the average hdd capacity nowadays. Gecko (hdmod author) should be able to explain why it doesn't work.
    7) no idea, my inis still have the patches path.
    8) the candle mod is for the original missions, and will not work elsewhere because it needs map edits. the FM dml fixup pack however does add (a cut down version of) working candles to a few missions where their authors already started to work on the candles but didn't quite finish them up for one reason or another.

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    It would go a long way to helping people customize their installs & adding new mods (especially now that TFix is for both T1 &T2) if @ the end of the cam_mod.ini file there was a bit of a description of how the mod path works & which parts correspond to which mods. After your responses, I spent about an hour tinkering around and hacked the default mod_path into 3 different options (one for each texture pack) that I can comment / uncomment as I desire. I resolved all the issues that I was having and it all works really well now. I am pleased with my results.

    Something like this for example (it is not perfect but good enough for an example):

    ;TEXTURE PACKS & OTHER MODS. PLEASE NOTE: Some of these options will require a mission restart to work correctly!

    ;Combined Default mod_path for both Thief 1 & 2 (edit at your own risk!):
    ;mod_path usermods+mods\packfix+mods\candles+mods\EP\Thief1+NecroAge\Thief1+NecroAge+EP2\Thief1+EP2+mods+mods\ t2skies+mods\EP+FMdml

    ;<<Broken Down By Mod>>:

    ;Packfix +mods\packfix
    ;Interactive Candles +mods\candles
    ;Texture Pack EP For Thief 1 +mods\EP\Thief1
    ;Texture Pack NecroAge For Thief 1 +NecroAge\Thief1+NecroAge
    ;Texture Pack EP2 For Thief 1 +EP2\Thief1+EP2
    ;T2 Skies +mods+mods\t2skies
    ;Etc, Etc.

    ;To customize / create your own mod_path:
    ;[1] Must have this at the start of the line: mod_path usermods
    ;[2] Then add/remove mods as required - no spaces!
    ;[3] Each new mod must start with +, then the path of the mod (or custom instructions from the mod developer)
    ;[4] If creating multiple mod path lines for different options, only uncomment one line at a time!


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    TFix is not really meant for people who like to customize their installs manually, it's meant for people who'd like to click nextnextnext and then just play the game. and maybe do something insane like put their TG install on an usb drive, then plug it into a win95 pc and run oldDark, then stick it into a winxp pc and play DDFixed, and then pop it into a win10 pc and play NewDarked, because you actually can do that.

    the usermods folder is available for those few that have extra needs, like the spider hider mod - as long as the mod has a sane resource structure, it can be just dropped there and it will be loaded properly.

    anyway, all kind of pointless, as the next version of TFix will include a modmanager, making any kind of ini "hacking" completely unnecessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    the next version of TFix will include a modmanager, making any kind of ini "hacking" completely unnecessary.
    That. Is. Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    you can make the UI so transparent that it will be invisible. stars can be controlled by the corresponding mtl, I think. no idea what you mean by inverting, but probably not.
    Any more details? I can't seem to find any of it. I can set a gamma level to the UI, making things darker, but didn't find a way to make the menu background picture transparent. Don't see an .mtl file.

    Also would like to remove the menu ambient sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    the next version of TFix will include a modmanager, making any kind of ini "hacking" completely unnecessary.
    Sounds interesting.

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    Does Tfix update/tweak the AI or is that part of the patch/update that happened between Dark project and Gold?
    I've only recently started playing Gold via Steam (this year) so am new to Gold after playing DP at release (still have the cd tucked away in a safe place).

    Am curious as it seems once the AI is alert it will find you even when hidden in darkness. Just had a zombie do ninety degree turn off his patrol to come straight at me? Which seems a bit odd as I had made noise far from where he came at me.
    For context am in the Cathedral's back catacomb bit and had dropped the Haunt in the kitchen area then had made my way to the niche near the secret room switch, so wouldn't have been touchable as the zombie passed.

    Also the Hammer priest in the Undercover mission was instantly aware of me as I opened his door (he had his back to me, and I'd moss arrowed the corridor)

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    we are using the T2 engine to run TG missions, small differences in behavior are inevitable, but it's not something I'm doing on purpose if that's what you are asking. I actually try to mitigate the differences wherever I can if anything, with varying degrees of success - so for example, if you can provide a screenshot of that guard, and explain what exactly he should/should not be doing, I may be able to tweak things to be closer to the original behavior.

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    Hi Voodoo thanks for the quick response.

    I don't have permission to post images to the thread??? There is no manage attachments available in my reply box.
    I do have some images of the location etc so can pass them on if you need

    As for the zombie I would expect him to have passed my location as he never had eyes on me.

    Also kind of thinking this is a bug but Murus isn't by his grave when he says he will be. He is in the cemetery but in the north east corner behind the mausoleum.

    Should his small individual goals show up in the objectives pane, get the rosary etc? All that is showing is 'aid the ghost of Brother Murus'. I can't think if in Dark Project they where listed or not?

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    you can upload them to imgur or similar and embed/link. as always, I'll try to replicate and fix, but no promises, AIs (and especially zombies) are just weird sometimes (note to self - that fix that will prevent zombies from being sneaky and chomp on hammerites for free is going to make the next TFix release. while technically being an alteration of AI behavior, the zombies just shouldn't be allowed to do that, imho).

    ah, Murus, always happy to be a pain in the neck - iirc, last time it was just the player not understanding what needs to be done, so before we get into this, I'd recommend you check out an youtube lets play and see whether you are doing everything right.

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    Poor Murus, he probably just wants the attention.
    I'll have a google for some walkthrough stuff but just to cover the bases early I had got everything. Just had forgotten to get the hammer blessed, I'm sure he used to mention that it needed blessing when you returned to him after forging it.
    Anyway he was walking me through the ceremony from his corner (last image)

    Okay now the images aren't there????


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    I see them. will check, but so far it's most likely "Thief, this game is weird sometimes". are you able to finish the level up, or is Murus softlocking you?

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