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Thread: Amnesia: Rebirth

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    Amnesia: Rebirth

    All of a sudden there's a new Amnesia game from Frictional.

    It sounds like it's different to The Dark Descent in lots of ways.

    I'll not be playing this any time soon (still haven't gotten to SOMA), but would be interested to hear any impressions of the new game from TTLGers.

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    I'm interested in getting it, but I can't justify picking it up anytime this month. Got too many other things waiting to be played.

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    I played for about two hours last night, its a very Frictional game. Same similar types of mechanics so far, and very much narrative based, lots of readables, etc. Some impressive visuals too, and kind of a unique setting in the desert (with some caves and other stuff thrown in too, so far). Safe to say if you like their other games, you'll probably like this one too.

    One thing that annoyed me slightly so far, not a huge deal, but there are an abundance of flashbacks early on that interrupt gameplay, and I was kind of getting to the "just let me play the game!" point. Seems to have eased up a bit as the game goes on, but we'll see. It's been so long, I can't remember if the original Amnesia did this too.

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    one year later...

    Was debating whether to pick up this or RE:Village for my halloween gaming and ended up going with this. I'm about 3 hours in and enjoying it so far! The story and puzzles are good. It's not too scary, which is fine by me. Seem to be less monster-bits than in the earlier Amnesia games or SOMA. Or maybe that's just how it feels to me.

    So has anyone else here played this? I know Brethren liked it, put it in his GOTY list. But there's been surprisingly little talk about this entry on TTLG compared to the earlier ones.

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    For what it's worth it's in the current Humble Choice if someone missed that. I already paused mine but maybe I should just complete my Frictional collection, although the first game's still the only Amnesia I've played. The Steam reviews make it sound like there aren't many/any jump scares which is a big plus.

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    It's okay. Apart from jump scares, they went for a type of dread that is subtle and subjective, and the mystery driving the game is not as focused or compelling as the one in SOMA.

    Supposedly they lost their scribe after SOMA. SOMA is the stronger game honestly.

    The popularity of Amnesia as a pseudo stealth game has always fascinated me.
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    I finished this, now it's 3:37 at night and I can't sleep because I feel so bad about what happened in the game. That's what you want from psychological horror, ain't it? It was great!

    Safe to say, this game had me experience and do things no other game ever has. The way the story and the gameplay fits together is very satisfying. I don't think it'll dethrone SOMA as my favourite horror game, but it's better than the earlier Amnesias.

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