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Thread: My Stupid Terra Nova won't work!

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    My Stupid Terra Nova won't work!

    I posted a message in Parias's topic, but it wasn't getting answered, so I figured I might be able to get more attention by posting my own.. Anyway, if I install Terra Nova with univbe, it gets past the beginning FMV and everything, but I see no title screen. I only hear the sounds. If I don't install univbe, I see the title screen, but as soon as I click, nothing happens. The mouse still moves, but nothing goes anywhere. I did notice an extremely gradual dimming of the screen... If anyone has any ideas, help me out.

    "That's where I saw the leprechaun! He tells me to burn things!"

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    have you tried playing it through dos

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    i see the lepracaun too he tells me to burn things too heeheehee!!!!!!!!!!(deep menacing laugh)

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    Yep, I've tried playing it through DOS.

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    James Sterrett

    No guarantees, but the following method, which comes from Shadowcat, worked for me:

    --------begin quote from Shadowcat-----------------

    Okay, a bit of an extended delay on this response
    I've just been setting up TN on my new machine so I thought I'd report on my results.

    System Specs:

    CPU: Athlon 800
    RAM: 128MB
    Sound: SoundBlaster Live Value
    Video: Trio64V+ and Voodoo 2
    OS: Win98 SE


    Copy the entire Terra Nova CD to a directory on your hard drive. (You can put the CD away again now, as we won't need it any longer.)

    Download the v1.09 patch (fixes an issue with the random mission generator.) Unpack the patch file into a separate directory, grab the __ff.exe file, and copy it over the one from the CD.

    Right-click the __ff.exe file, select Properties, go to the 'Misc' tab, and deselect the 'Ctrl+Esc' and 'PrtSc' options at the bottom. (For some reasons this doesn't always have the desired effect, so note that you can also abort missions through the Option screen.)

    To be nice and thorough, right-click on 'version.txt' and deselect the 'read only' box, and click on OK. Then edit the file and change the '1.08' to '1.09'

    Next, go to the 'instdata' directory and right-click on the 'tn' file. Deselect the 'read only' box, then go to the 'Program' tab and click on the 'Advanced' button. Deselect the 'MS-DOS Mode' option (it should revert to 'Suggest MS-DOS mode as necessary') and click on OK.

    Now deselect the 'Ctrl+Esc' and 'PrtSc' options from the 'Misc' tab as before (for good measure; I'm not certain whether this is necessary or not) and click on OK to exit the Properties panel.

    This leaves us with a patched version of the CD, which won't revert to DOS when running the game.

    It _will_ still go to DOS for the installation. You could prevent this by editing the properties of the 'tninst' file; however I never succeeded in performing an install within Windows -- it always ended up trying to display a video mode my video card or monitor couldn't handle.

    To install, run Terranov.exe (or tninst)

    I suggest NOT letting it build a UniVBE driver when it asks, as this also caused problems for me under Windows.

    If you have a SoundBlaster Live sound card, it will probably detect a SoundBlaster 16. Click on 'choose new card' and select SoundBlaster AWE32, and then click on auto-configure. For music again click on the 'choose new card' option, and this time select 'General Midi' and auto-configure. This combination should give the best audio for the SB Live.

    As the CD is in fact now on your hard drive, choose the minimal installation option to avoid wasting disc space.

    Once the installation is complete, and you are back in Windows, simply run 'tn' from the directory you chose during installation to start the game. I recommend adding a shortcut to this file in your Start Menu.

    And we're done. I may have been lucky. The fact that I still have an elderly Trio64V+ in my machine may well have helped me too. I hope that my next video card upgrade doesn't mess too much with my DOS games :/

    Remember to go to the options screen and set the video mode to 320x400 and the ground detail to 'excellent'. Everything else should be maxed out by default, IIRC.

    I hope this helps people. I've had a blast today with the random missions, just kicking pirate butt with my squadmates across those wonderful terrains!

    ---------end quote--------------

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    I've already tried that method. Any other ideas? This is one of my favorite games of all time..

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    James Sterrett

    8( What are your system specs? Might help somebody to know that.

    The only other set of instructions I've collected are these - I've forgotten the source. They did not work for me, but might for you..........

    ---------- begin quoted text ------

    I gotcha covered . In fact, today, I got TN up and running! I had to run it in DOS, but, I'll give you what I worked out to make it run .
    In the TN.bat Properties menu, go to program, and hit the Advanced button. There's an option of course to use your own configuration, here's what I got that worked :


    SET PROMPT=$p$g
    SET winbootdir=C:\WINDOWS
    SET BLASTER=A220 I7 D1 T2

    Now of course, your soundcard data, CD-Rom driver, and mouse driver all need to be personalised to your individual system, but shouldn't be too much trouble.

    When I first tried this, it said that Crash Code stuff. So I dug through the manual, and there's an option called +BADLINMODES. Put this in the command line, and it SHOULD work. So it's "tn.bat +BADLINMODES" Anyhow that's what worked for me .

    My system is as follows

    Celeron C333A
    64 RAM
    Logitech Mouse
    Some random 64X IDE type CD-Rom drive
    Sound Blaster PCI 64

    This is just to shed some light for yas.

    ---------- end quoted text --------

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    Originally posted by James Sterrett:
    So it's "tn.bat +BADLINMODES"

    that's all i needed. got the game just a few days ago.

    (now, if i could only get Space Hulk-VOTBA to run under win98... it's so strange 'cause it can't be run in DOS, since it's win95 only. in fact, so win95-only that it's incompatible with win98)

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