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Thread: Roombrush Volume Problem

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    Roombrush Volume Problem

    I have some hallways with LC lights in them. Three LC lights to each hallway, so each hall is divided into three separate roombrushes to control the lights. The problem is I also have AIs patrolling these halls, and they sound unusually far away until they're right on the player, because they're crossing so many roombrushes, you know what I mean? Is there a way to work around this? The player needs a reliable audio cue in order to hide in time, but I don't want to give up the effect of the lights coming on as you walk down the hallway.

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    You might control the lights with bounds triggers or TrigProximity (tnhScript).

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    Boundstriggers worked for me. Thanks Unna

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    That sounds like problem room brushing rather than the number of them.

    Try show_player_room, go ingame and look for red links between room brushes. Red links = two roombrushes can't reach each other because the centres can't connect to each other, which leads to weird and broken sound propagation. The number of room brushes has no direct effect on the distance sounds are audible from.

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