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Thread: Question about Automap AFTER almost finished mission

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    Question about Automap AFTER almost finished mission


    As far as I understand, the Automap needs for every highlighted area
    a room.

    I created a mission, that is pretty big in the meantime without thinking about
    Automaps. And so I created rooms via shift-insert at Brushes and so every room
    is the same type. To add the automap-Entry would affect all Rooms in the whole mission.

    So every room has to be independent for a Automap.

    But I don't want to replace every room with an manually created one.

    My question: Is it possible, to bind or change all relevant rooms to room-
    types, that I now create via Object-hirarchy-Rooms/defaultroom->add ?

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    As far as I'm aware, it's not possible to retroactively change the abstract room type.

    Only thing to do to speed it up is filter out just room brushes, and replace them manually.

    It's worth doing, not just for automapping, but for differing EAX settings and ambient light/fog properties.

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    It is possible. Select a room brush, click the Create button and the Rooms hierarchy will show up. You can select an existing one and then click Create (when necessary, you can first use Add to make a new room type).

    You'll still have to go though each room brush, but you won't have to remake them from scratch.

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    Thank you.

    I think, the easiest way to create rooms is still, to select a brush, click shift-insert and then make the room the new type in the way you suggested.

    Because this room have the right size, angle and position with one single action.

    If there is any disadvantage of doing this or Dromed maybe has sometimes technical problems with this, please let me know.

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    What R Soul was saying is, you can change the archetype of an existing roombrush by doing what he described, so for all the ones you already created you just need to change their archetype instead of recreating them from scratch.

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    Yes. And this is, what I am doing now. My doubt was, whether Dromed could
    have some problems when changing the archetypes at a regular base, instead
    of doing it very seldom.

    But since nobody here warns about this, I think this method is not a "hack" but
    it is an intended possibility of the program.

    I will in the future work with the method that R Soul described and in combination create the rooms
    with the old way (shift-insert) because it is easier. So changing the archetypes of rooms are
    now part of my mission-creating.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Yes it is an intended use of Dromed. Also, Shift-Insert will create the last roombrush type that you created, so you need not have to change most of them when placing originally if you keep that in mind.

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