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Thread: Brief Summaries of all the missions. T1/TG/T2/T3/TDM

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    We're missing Melan's Disorientation .

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    Thanks, and replaced.

    It used to be there, it must have got disorientated and fell out of bed.

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    I would like to post entries for all the T20 contest missions as soon as possible, but will take me a good few weeks playing all 24/25 missions, so if anyone would like to help out by writing a 3-4 line Brief Summary your contributions would be very much appreciated. Just PM me your copy. Thanks

    Missions played so far
    An Enigmatic Treasure with a Recondite Discovery
    Darkness walk with us!
    Madness of Wolfgang Handspiegel
    Lost City of Gazing Glass
    Tomb of St. Tenor
    Upward Spiral
    Dewinter Manor
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