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Thread: Thief 2 FM : Lord Alexander's Mansion by Svetoslav Alexandrov (7 august 2018)

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    Thank you very much for this mission. Next days I will start to play it. I'am very glad about every Fm, wish you best efforts for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by radogoal View Post
    who has the right diary? can't find it
    Hello, the code number is never written plainly. You have to guess it, based on the diary of wife's bedroom, as well as the crumpled paper in the bin.

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    well but i can't join the code regarding the crumbled paper and the diary

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    Husband says there's a precious memory in his life, but doesn't state the date explicitly. Wife however writes about her engagement in mid-april. Mid april transates to 15-04, which is the secret code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulgarian_Taffer View Post
    To those who love rope arrows, I've also prepared one little surprise, but so far noone has found it.

    It was when I was trying to find enough loot.
    It did force a reload, though, since I found no survivable way out of it.

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    Congrats... TAFFER

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    Thank you for the mission! I'll enjoy playing it!

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    At first I was annoyed that there was not enough moss arrows, but I adapted and actually had fun.
    I was close to quitting being unable to find the scepter because I skipped the readables, my mistake

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    Enjoyable, although bit much on loud tiles as for my taste
    One thing (a glitch of sorts) i noticed is that the guard on the 1st floor stopped patrolling in the dining room when I took his key in there. I assume he was unable to open the door to the wife's room without it.

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    Glad that you enjoyed it!

    Unfortunately, the guards are prone to bugs. This is a known issue, but so far I haven't found a solution to this.

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    One workaround to that is to give the guard a duplicate of the key via Contains link but leave the link data set to General so the player can't nick it. It's unrealistic I suppose that he can still unlock a door after you stole the key, but it's probably better than a halted patrol.

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    Fun little mission. I'm still short on loot at the moment, even though I've found the attic purse.
    On with the search...
    Oh, and...TAFFER!

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    That's a spoiler

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    quick mission, finished in 30 minutes over a couple hours, expert with KOing ai's, 925/1025, 1st floor patrollers gave me the most problems. Entertaining but not something to add to my garretts story.

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