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Thread: NEW T2 FM: CNSD - The Game! (17-10-2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cavador_8 View Post
    Ok, I just finished the mission and it was absolutely superb. Except for one thing... that darn parking lot! Geez, I was getting 30-40 fps in that area. Isn't there anything you could do with that parking lot to boost the frame rate? Maybe eliminate some of those lights or something? What is it about the parking lot that is causing such a massive drop in frame rate? Every other place in the mission seems ok.

    This is a critical location. I did everything I could. But the main goal of this mission was to replicate an existing location. Otherwise, I would simples change the scenario. The problem of that location is the far distance view. It makes the engine render too much poligons. Even with no light, it will be the same.

    That was the reason why I did not put too much "history" in this part of the mission.

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    Ah, ok. I see. If a mission is really good, I can overlook one area that causes the frame rate to drop. This mission is so excellent that I did decide to keep it as one of my favorites and I added it to my walkthrough website.

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