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Thread: TG: WoodKey Resthouse Mission Help - 2002-10-01

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    Finished on Normal in 15 minutes with 744 of 869 total loot. There were three doors in the mansion I could not open, one on ground floor and two on the upper floor. I was able to complete all objectives regardless.

    Because the mission makes use of some custom textures and T2 guard voices, this felt more like a T2 than a T1 mission. This is not a bad thing. There is also some forced ghosting at the beginning, but the mission is so small I was okay with this. There are only around five guards you have to avoid.

    One tiny issue I noticed (using Unna's dml fix): A chest in the room with the fire elemental opens in the direction of the wall, not on the side where the player is.

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    where can i get the black jack?

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    Hint #1: In the house you are robbing.
    Hint #2: On the second floor.
    Hint #3: You have to find a lever that opens a secret tunnel.
    Detailed description of how to get the blackjack: Find the fireplace on the second floor. On the balcony next to it, there is a lever. Pull it to open a secret tunnel above the fireplace. Crawl through that tunnel. It leads to a room with three wooden crates beside a wall. Part of the wall behind these three crates will highlight, revealing a secret door to another hidden room. Go through the wooden door in that room, avoiding the guard nearby. You will end up in yet another room with two metal doors to your right. Pick the lock of the second metal door from where you entered. Behind it is a small room with three locked chests that can be picked. In the one left of where you enter, you will find the blackjack.

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    This little mission was somewhat unique and fun, I played it a few days ago but forgot to post, thanks for resurrecting this thread

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