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Thread: Thief Deadly Shadows loot pickup sound + item pickup sound

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    Thief Deadly Shadows loot pickup sound + item pickup sound

    Not really a fan of either of them, although the loot sound is far more annoying. Looking in this thread ( someone mentioned Sneaky Upgrade Fat Edition which apparently does something to the sound? Anyone know?

    Is there a way to edit the sounds?

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    The Sneaky Upgrade fat edition includes the Minimalist Project, a mod which aims to bring Deadly Shadows as close to the first two games as possible. Nearly all options are configurable, one being "Classic Sounds" which replaces the default loot sound with that of Thief and Thief 2. It does not allow you to edit the sounds directly, however. It is a good solution if you liked the original loot sound.

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    There's no way to edit the sounds using an editor or something?

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    You can access the game's resources in the content subdirectory. There may be an editor that would function in this situation, as some resources are formats unique to the modified Unreal Engine that powers Deadly Shadows, though I am not aware of nor have I used one.

    If you want an easy solution, I would recommend using Sneaky Upgrade's included mods. If you are so inclined, you can edit the Minimalist Project's loot sound to be whatever you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jax64 View Post
    If you are so inclined, you can edit the Minimalist Project's loot sound to be whatever you like.
    Are you aware of any reliable method to do so? snobel, in another thread, listed some editor (forgot the name) to edit prices of items in game... could that be used to edit the sounds from the Minimalist Project?

    EDIT: snobel's post:

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    Yes, that is T3Ed. It does allow editing missions, scripts, textures, et cetera. It is possible that it would also allow editing sounds as well, though I have never used that function if it does exist.

    I was referring to simply replacing the WAV file in the Minimalist Project, as it already has everything set up, including the schema. If you are unsatisfied with the classic loot sound, replacing it with your desired sound should provide results and requires no editor.

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    Brilliant idea, actually. Do you know if I can take any sound, convert it to a .wav file, and plop it in there and it'll be ok?

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    Sneaky Upgrader
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    Just keep the filename. If the MP file is in .ogg (vorbis) format you may have to convert to that, although I think that .ogg and .wav are interchangeable as long as the filename is the same.

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    Awesome, thanks. How do you guys know all this stuff, it's so impressive.

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    So I have the Sneaky Upgrade installed, but where are the sound files I can replace?

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    If you didn't change anything, the files I suggested to change are located in "C:\ProgramData\Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade\Installed Mods\Minimalist Project\GUI & Sounds\Content\T3\Sounds\DynamicallyLoaded". pu_loot.wav is the loot pickup sound.

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    Do you know how I can change the equipment pick up sound, like arrows and whatnot?

    EDIT: I Google how to extract T3's sound files and someone here was kind enough to upload them:

    In the first .rar, I found pu_power.wav, which is the one I want to replace. I assume it's not as simple as replacing it like in T1/T2 and I'll have to do something with the schema, which I have no idea what that even is or how to get.

    EDIT 2: Yeah, I tried placing pu_power.wav in there, replacing it with the sound I want, and that didn't do anything. Every other sound in the MP folder has a schema with it. What can I do?
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    With the SU installed you can override most things in Thief 3 by placing files in the DynamicallyLoaded folders. So far the only resource type that's known not to work is tagged sounds - so if pu_power is one of those, then there's no easy solution.

    If it's a non-tagged sound, look in your T3Ed installation for a .sch file of the same name (or containing the name of the sound file) and copy that to the DynamicallyLoaded folder as well, as a starting point - you may have to edit it, but you can compare to the files already in the Minimalist mod.

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    Aha! We're getting somewhere! I used this guide earlier:

    I put the pu_power schema into the DynamicallyLoaded folder.

    Earlier, I was able to select pu_power in the editor via the schema browser and select the pu_power.wav I wanted, but in the editor window, when I hit play, there's no sound - that goes double for in-game. Picking up equipment produces no sound, but even then, that tells me we're on the right track. The guide I posted was a nice starting point but the directions are rather unclear. In particular, the part about needing a .wav and .ogg. I was able to convert the .wav to .ogg, but unsure of what to do next. The fact that there's no sound means my edits worked (somewhat) and that it isn't tagged, right? How can I edit the schema? What's next?

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    The schema files are just text files - as long as you only want to change sounds using external files, then you don't need T3Ed for that.

    Start by copying the original pu_power.wav and pu_power.sch from the T3Ed installation into the Minimalist Project (where pu_loot.* is). It should still work. Then maybe try switching the pu_loot and pu_power sounds, simply by exchanging the file names. (It should work without editing schemas). Then switch back and try your own sound renamed to pu_power.wav, but with the original pu_power.sch.

    For these simple sounds schema editing shouldn't be needed, unless the original schema has weird settings for pitch etc. But the schema file must be present next to the .wav.

    Edit: About the .wav and .ogg: You only need both if you want to regenerate the game's sound block files (.csc files), as far as I know. For replacing sounds using external files, either should work, so you can pick whatever is smaller.

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    God, you're the best. It worked!

    If I want to switch sounds, do I have to do what you posted every single time?

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    Sneaky Upgrader
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    Well, yes. In general, for each sound, copy the schema and provide (a) replacement sound file(s). If you want to replace lots of sounds, then all those external files will probably mean longer loading times. In that case, making new .csc files may be a better solution.

    Edit: For an example of a non-tagged metasound with one schema referencing multiple sound files, check out the gar_die* files in the Minimalist Project sounds folder.
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