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Thread: Thief Enhancement Pack 2.0 alpha

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    Registered: Sep 2004
    now that a new T2 patcher that will also support interactive candles is in the works, it would be really, really great to not have to deal with annoying overrides to get them working with EP2, hence
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    please add vhotted candles and jointed bells to the pack so we could avoid file overrides in TFix/TaffePatcher in the future.
    also the fixed hand meshes would be nice
    Quote Originally Posted by voodoo47 View Post
    ok, so here is the stuff - fixed textures if you want the old blackjack, and fixed up swords and the new leaner blackjack model with corresponding fixed textures. you will probably have to play around a bit to see what you like (if you want to use the classic blackjack model, you will have to kick the model and its textures from the second package, and use just the textures and motions from the first. you will need the motions for T1 from the first one at all times though).

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    I still can't use bell.bin because it's a replacement for bell2.bin and not the original bell.bin (it's a completely different size and shape). I'll drop the candles and bell2 in, though.

    Not really a fan of the small blackjack, it looks really small compared to the original.

    The texture for the new sword arm is missing entirely from that package. Looks like it's supposed to be BLADESX.gif?

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    blergh, it's been so long that those two packages actually aren't proper/the latest ones. ok, lets try this again;

    T1 sword stuff
    T2 sword stuff
    candles (vhot_candles02.7z, everything under new should be EP models with proper vhots)

    and yeah, lets just forget about bell.bin for the moment, I'll have to ask Olfred sometime later.
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