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Thread: Thief 2 Multiplayer Player Contact Info List

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    I can't believe in almost 11 years of TTLG's existance there wasn't used a nickname "Kyle" before. I'm honestly stunned and bursting in flames of denial.

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    Name: Zahr Dalsk
    Email: zahrdalsk gmail com
    Xfire: zahrdalsk
    Steam ID: ZahrDalsk
    Availability: Weekdays, usually 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM, Weekends 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM. Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5:00)

    I've yet to actually try this online, since me and my friend are having connection troubles, but I would be happy to try to play online with anyone here. Xfire contact would be best.
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    Name: HellFier
    Strengths: Leadership, ideas, defense against mele attacks (dancing between the blades), creativity, master at blackjacking, preety good bow sharpshooter.
    Weaknesses: some times im too quick and can miss loud areas.
    skype: the_hellfire
    Modem: ADSL Router
    E-Mail: hellfier-d "wierdsimbol" hotmail "dot" com
    ICQ: 416+203+425
    Steam ID: QRT_Crazy_Killer
    Location: Israel-Russia (at this time mostly in Israel)
    Time zone: GMT +2.
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    If you want to find a place where to challenge some other player, then come in our chat channel: #Thief, under the Freenode net. You can find the link here:

    We are searching for some challenger for this expansion.

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    Name: numidium(surprise)
    strengths: stealthy, acrobatics
    weaknesses: meelee
    location: germany
    skype: numidium
    steam: numidium456

    currently just looking for angelwatch server/people

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    Why would you expect it to not run? If you can run thief 2 normally, thief 2 multi should work fine. Or do you just mean whether or not you can connect to a server?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zahr Dalsk View Post
    Name: Zahr Dalsk
    Email: zahrdalsk gmail com
    Xfire: zahrdalsk
    Steam ID: ZahrDalsk
    Availability: Weekdays, usually 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM, Weekends 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM. Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5:00)

    I've yet to actually try this online, since me and my friend are having connection troubles, but I would be happy to try to play online with anyone here. Xfire contact would be best.
    I see you made an xfire group.. I was thinking of doing that, but I see you beat me to it. However, I should point out that you should not encourage piracy... please remove what you said, and instead explain places where you can still buy it. (yes, you can still buy it.... maybe not at retail stores, but from the internet you can.) Also, hamachi is not required, but if you have trouble connecting I would suggest using that... I'm assuming you already tried?

    P.s. Oh, I would also suggest linking to the website, not directly to an EXE file.

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    @sNeaksieGarrett: Addressed in a private message.

    EDIT: Also, you can't link to the website; that will only allow people to get version 205. To get 210 you need to copy the location to 205, paste to address bar, and replace 05 with 10 in the URL. Since I assume people are stupid by default I prefer the simple option of a clickable link.
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    AIM: -
    Yahoo: -
    ICQ: -
    Modem: - (i don't know what I have to writte here)
    Location: France

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    my server

    Hey Guys!

    I often start a server, almost every evening, so anyone can join and anyone are welcomed. My timezone is GMT+1, and I start the sever at ~19.00 (GMT+1 of course)

    The name of the server includes my accountname in any form: "Giskard" - if you see this word in the name of the server than that server is mine


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    Although I don't post here on the forums at all, I still somewhat follow the goings-on and enthusiastically play as many FMs as I can find here. I've been fiddling with Thief 2 MP, but I'm not much of a wiz - I can't be sure that I'm getting it to work right unless I get invited to a game, so yes, I'm very interested. Give me a shout if you'd like me to join for a mission. (:

    AIM: -
    MSNMSG: tee_s at
    Yahoo: -
    ICQ: -
    E-Mail: tee_s at
    Location: Poland

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    L'architecte de Rocksbourg
    Registered: Nov 2005
    Location: Narbonne, France
    So, I'm curious, I just installed the multiplayer build 218, I want to give it a try.

    Steam Id, GFWL Id : DrKubiac
    Email :
    Location : France
    GMT +1
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    Is multiplayer dead?

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    Multiplayer is good for when you have a friend you want to play a specific FM with.
    In that respect it's alive and well.
    It's not like having a people waiting for others to queue up to play MP.

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    Registered: Mar 2009
    Although if you want a more specific answer, then I'd say it's at a kinda standstill with 1.19 out there now. Not sure where the multiplayer project will go from there. But the source has been released for (1.18) T2MP, so who knows? Someone might step up to the plate and mangle the code to work with 1.19.

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    The global server for T2MP is apparently gone, and has been for a long time now. However you can still direct connect thankfully. I've been working on a MP centric FM and had to direct connect using my IP.

    I had talked to Tos not too long ago, and he's basically in the "i'll probably get back to it eventually" situation. Don't know if he ever will, but it certainly would be nice to have this work with NewDark.

    I wish I could just do it myself, but I'm not really a coder and I've no idea how he actually hooked MP into the thief 2 executable which is why this won't even work with NewDark since it was made with 1.18. Maybe if someone could get Tos' source code over to Le Corbeau he or she and whoever the mysterious group is that made the NewDark patch could patch it themselves. That's wishful thinking. :P

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    DromEd Archmage
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    Ok, so let's say the stuff:

    Localisation: France
    Modem: ??? (I dunno although if my modem mess all games up, I can set it into DMZ status to avoid all problems)

    Additonnal Information: I need someone to test if everything works.

    EDIT: I think that the DarkMultiplayer is not really used because Dromeders think about making single missions, and totaly forget about the multiplayer missions...
    I think that I'll take my tools and do some MP missions...

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    Great, but keep in mind that developing for multiplayer is a bit different than developing for singleplayer. Speaking of developing for multiplayer, I just recently released my MP mission Monster Arena in the Fan Mission Forum.

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    The mainpage is down also.

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    The main site is gone for good unfortunately, but I've updated the download links for the setup and source code to point to Dropbox instead.

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    You're probably getting this question a lot, but do you think there's any chance of a new update of your Multiplayer mod any time soon? Maybe for NewDark? I'm really enjoying the mod but it's a pity that most of the new missions won't work with it

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    It's not likely to happen. I think Tos is done working on the project. But, I shouldn't speak for him. It would be better if he'd post here, but I don't think he comes around anymore. I could try poking him as I have him as a friend on Steam.

    The problem with the multiplayer patch in relation to NewDark is that the executable works differently than it did compared to the executable for version 1.18. I'm not a coder so I don't think I can explain this quite right, but my understanding is that at a code level it basically renders the multiplayer patch unusable since things are moved or changed in the exe, which means that the multiplayer patch would have to be considerably modified and the coder would have to figure out how to hook it back into the game.

    And in order to do that, we need source code. I think we do have it, but I think ideally what would probably work out the best is if Tos and the makers of NewDark were to collaborate and I just don't see that happening. Which leads us right back to seeing if someone else might pick up the mantle. As of now, it seems that no one has come forth to start work back up on thief 2 multiplayer.

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    Errrmmm.... So is this still a thing? And if yes, is it compatible with new dark?

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    AKA H3H3
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    It's not compatible with NewDark.

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